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I was introduced to WoW sometime in 2005, back when I was 11. I played a tauren hunter called Dodeandus on EU server Azjol Nerub. My fondest memory was when I tried to enter Moonglade (as a hunter) by swimming across the entire continent of Kalimdor, trying to find a cheesy way through the mountains to enter Moonglade.

11-year old me was not the best navigator.

I run a Dutch gaming and entertainment website myself, called Obivously I wrote about WoW Classic there as well, but in Dutch. So if you have a good translator, I welcome you to check it out.


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    Are flasks even selling at all? Can't imagine people flasking for MC.
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    I play on Shazz as well and encountered little PvP action so far. A few ganks by fil…
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