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Arathi Highlands
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About me

I've played retail content from late BC through early WoD, but have spent just as much time /played on vanilla private servers as in retail, starting on vanilla servers since early 2011 (before it was cool).

I played on the US retail servers Kil'jaeden Horde side (in the guilds The Blades and Myth) and Lightbringer Alliance side in the guild Animus Invictus.

I played on the Feenix private server Warsong back in 2011-2013 as a mage on horde side, in the guild My Body is Ready. I've floated around on several private servers but didn't stick around, except for 2017: I got to 60 as a feral druid on Elysium.

I list all this out in case someone I knew from past playing can hit me up. I'm excited to play classic and I'm entirely unsure what I'm playing. I've got the most experience playing Mage in vanilla content and raid leading, but have hit 60 on a Warlock, Warrior, Shaman & Druid. Leaning toward Shaman atm, but I love the early leveling zones of Alliance so #itscomplicated.

Main character
M troll Mage
Alt character
M nelf Druid
Alt character
F human Warlock

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Toshiok - Troll Mage, Warsong Private Server Socks - Night Elf Druid, Elysium
Toshiok - Troll Mage, Kil'Jaeden US retail Dimaga - Human Warlock Lightbringer US retail, guild: Animus Invictus

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