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Don felt Daniel's cock swelling against his, and heard his partner in fucking groan, "Yes, I'm going to come again!" In just another minute or so, Don felt Daniel's cum running down over the base of his cock and his balls as the other man drew out of Viola's pussy to trade places with Geraldo.

"Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!" Viola whimpered as Geraldo pushed his big cock back into her pussy. With Don in her ass and Geraldo's monster fucking her pussy she could do little more than hang on as the two men had their way with her body. Geraldo was kissing her passionately, and Don was squeezing her tits, his hands between her chest and Geraldo's, and Geraldo was fucking her with almost violent abandon. Her legs were up around his waist, crossed at the ankles, pulling him into her. Don just concentrated on keeping himself up inside her.


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