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About me

My names Tom. Online I go by the handle of Redzy.

Started playing WoW in 2005 up till End of Cata. Re-joined at the end of MoP through to BFA, currently on a break from live until patches come in to fix the game. WoW introduced me to MMO's / RPGs & I've been in love ever since!

I spent quite a few months beginning to research & develop my own level strats on private servers to prepare for Classic WoW's launch. Ended up taking a break after starting to stream on Twitch (no private servers allowed sadly) in April 2018 but feel the itch to jump back in soon to finish preparing for Classic's launch.

I streamed leveling every class to 'cap' on the Blizzcon 2018 Demo, jumped back into retail to try a project 60 & BFA felt terrible after playing through the Classic Demo!

Incredibly excited to return to my favourite version & time in Azeroth, looking forward to making some friends & meeting like minded players to adventure with!

"Times up, lets DO this!"

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    Amazing work as always @teebling ! Thank you so much for the hard work and providing …
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