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About me

Human rogue during early vanilla. Rogue Class leader MC-AQ40.
Raided TBC on rogue all the way to Sunwell
- Gladiator in S2
- Killed everything up to Brutalus
- Soloed last 15% of Kaz'rogal
- Played a lot with Tamzin (famous guide maker for Lady Vashj, Kael, Illidan), made her arrows for Ilidan video :D
Jumped to horde to play with RL friends in WotLK
- Built a huge community that is living to this days
- Did server first Algalon (then Method transferred to our server :D)
- MTanked all WotLK bosses except Helion on heroic
- Quitted after LK heroic
Returned to the private community on Lightbringer, revisited both rogue and warrior (Northdale)
- Raided everything including Naxx

Main character
M tauren Warrior

Member of:  

- - -
Mookey & Cosá @ Shazzrah EU
Past: Mookey <The Celestial Defender> Xavius EU & Cosa @ Lightning's Blade / Northdale / Lightbringer

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