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About me

Started playing in Vanilla. Never got past level 30, due to being an altoholic and not really knowing what I was doing. Stared to get bored with the game and quit just before BC.
Returned in Wrath and raided casually all the way from ICC to Hellfire Citadel. Quit again right before Legion came out because I was disappointed with WoD and didn't like some of the changes that were coming with Legion.
Returned for BFA, but quit shortly after killing normal mode G'huun.

Never really done much PvP, but I've always played on PvP servers.
I enjoy world PvP and I liked Wintergrasp in Wrath, but Battlegrounds and Arenas have never interested me.

Planning to main a Rogue in Classic and experience the end game I missed out on in Vanilla.
I'd like to get back into raiding, but my work prevents me from meeting a consistent raid schedule.
I play in the Oceanic region, so if there are any casual OCE raiding guilds out there that have room for a Rogue who can't always make it to a raid, hit me up.

Main character
M undead Rogue

Alt character
M troll Mage

Alt character
M orc Shaman

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