WoW Classic Enchanting Guide 1 – 300

WoW Classic Enchanting Guide 1 – 300
  • Author: Furious
  • Date: April 10, 2019
  • Expansion: WoW Classic
  • Category: Professions

Enchanting is a wonderful skill, harnessing the powers of magic to make a player gain extra power. The profession has always been a staple of the game, with the added utility and damage bonuses offered through the enchantments. In WoW Classic, enchanting will also be crucial for those looking to min-max their character in preparation for raiding.

The enchanting skill is probably the most useful profession in the entire game. If any player is concerned about maximizing their damage and survivability potential, they’ll require the boons granted from enchanting their gear.

Enchanters can add additional stats to several armor pieces, but they can also enchant weapons to do additional damage. This also makes the weapon cosmetically glow, another reason players will seek out an enchanter. One important difference from Retail WoW is that you cannot enchant rings or necklaces in WoW Classic.

In addition to adding stats to gear, enchanters can disenchant magical items of green quality or higher. This will convert the gear into enchanting materials, which are required to cast new enchants. This makes enchanting a great skill to pair with another crafting-based profession, preferably tailoring as it is a crafting profession that doesn’t require an accompanying gathering profession. Tailoring uses cloth found from monster drops to craft cloth armor for squishies.

Trainer Locations

As with most other professions, early skill levels of enchanting can be learned at any major city. Once you reach expert level, you’ll need to travel to other regions of Azeroth to learn expert and artisan techniques. Here’s where you can find enchanting trainers:

  • Apprentice (1-75) – Any major city! Just ask a guard where the enchanting trainer is and you’ll receive a marker on your map. If you’re Alliance, head to Stormwind, Ironforge, or Darnassus. Horde players can go to Thunder Bluff, Undercity, or Stormwind.
  • Journeyman (75-150) – You can learn journeyman enchanting from the same trainer that taught you apprentice enchanting. This will the the last time you can raise your skill level cap with them.
  • Expert (150-225) – Now, you’ll have to leave the comfort of the city. Alliance players must visit Kitta Firewind, located at the top of the Tower of Azora in eastern Elwynn Forest. Horde players must seek out Hgarth in the Stonetalon Mountains.
  • Artisan (225-300) – Once you’re at least 200 skill level in enchanting, you can train to become an artisan. All players must head to the dungeon of Uldaman in the Badlands to speak with master enchanter, Annora.

Uldaman Enchanting Trainer Location

Uldaman is a five-man dungeon located within the Badlands. It is known as an ancient Titan vault, and rightfully is filled with troggs and titanic constructs. It is recommended for players in the mid-high 40s level-wise, although can be entered as early as level 30.

There isn’t a good reason to enter Uldaman until at least level 35, as that is the level requirement to learn artisan enchanting. You still might have a difficult time at that level, as the instance is certainly geared towards higher level players. If you have a few higher level friends, consider asking them to run you through the dungeon. You can also wait until you’re at least level 40 to find a group to clear the dungeon together.

Before you start your journey to find Annora, make sure you are well-stocked with as many enchanting materials as possible. You must fight several monsters and trek deep into the dungeon to find the master enchanter. The last thing you’d want is to find out you need a few more mats to reach a level requirement for a new enchantment being so far from a bank or auction house.

Annora is located in a fairly obscure location within Uldaman. There are actually two entrances to Uldaman. Many don’t know there is a back entrance located southeast of the main entrance. You’ll know you’re at the right place when you encounter a pack of elite troggs guarding a small cave. The back entrance is actually quite close to Annora’s location.

Once you’ve made your way inside Uldaman, you’ll want to locate a cavern found northwest of the Map Chamber. You’ll know you’re in the right spot when you find a tent and a room full of scorpions. Once you kill all the scorpions in the room, Annora will spawn in a corner and allow you to train in artisan enchanting.

WoW Classic Uldaman Backdoor
Uldaman Backdoor Entrance
WoW Classic Uldaman Enchanting Trainer
Uldaman Enchanting Trainer Location


Key Advice

Pick up enchanting as soon as possible! You’ll pick up countless green items from monsters and quest rewards, which you can disenchant immediately into materials (as long as you have the proper enchanting level). This will also save you bag space in case you decided to hoard your green items for later.

If you’re starting enchanting from scratch without another profession, consider picking up tailoring so you can craft free magic equipment to disenchant. You can also offer to enchant the armor of other players as you skill up, who will often either pay or tip you for your services. This can help recover the cost of acquiring materials. You can also enchant your own armor and reapply the same enchant multiple times.

Be careful about what you disenchant! You can absolutely disenchant a strong item by accident. If you took off some armor or a weapon for cosmetic purposes, you might accidentally disenchant a piece. Make sure you’re always aware of what you’re disenchanting, and that you don’t lose something you need!

Total Materials You’ll Need

This is an approximate estimate of what you’ll need to reach 300. Your needs may vary based on your luck, but if you obtain the amount of materials listed below, you’ll have an excellent chance of maxing. Here’s what you’ll need:

1-75 (Apprentice)

Mats Required:


Runed Copper Rod x1 (1x Copper Rod + 1x Strange Dust + 1x Lesser Magic Essence)

Enchanters require the use of a special tool to cast their enchantments. Every so often, you’ll be required to craft a new and more powerful one to cast new enchantments. This is the first one you’ll need and is very basic! You can find all of these materials from a enchanting supplies vendor found next to a trainer.


Enchant Bracer – Minor Health x74 (1x Strange Dust)

The next step in your enchanting journey is extremely simple. Simply cast enchant bracer – minor health until you reach 75 enchanting. It will become yellow at 70, but shouldn’t require much extra to reach 75. Don’t forget to learn journeyman enchanting afterwards.

75-150 (Journeyman)

Mats Required:


Enchant Bracer – Minor Deflection x10 (1x Lesser Magic Essence + 1x Strange Dust)

You’ll keep on with the bracer enchants in this next step. You’ll want to reach 85 enchanting, which will take 10 casts of enchant bracer – minor deflection.


Enchant Bracer – Minor Stamina x15 (3x Strange Dust)

Yet another bracer enchant! This one will give your wrist piece a whopping one extra stamina! Can you say jackpot? Cast enchant bracer – minor stamina 15 times until you reach the century mark for your enchanting level.


Runed Silver Rod x1 (1x Silver Rod + 6x Strange Dust + 3x Greater Magic Essence + 1x Shadowgem)

For your hard work reaching 100 enchanting, you’re rewarded with the requirement of making another runed rod. This one is silver, and will require you to find a silver rod made by a blacksmith and a shadowgem looted from monster drops or purchased on the auction house.


Enchanter Bracer – Minor Stamina x4 (3x Strange Dust)

Does this recipe look familiar? At this point, it will have turned yellow, so you may need to cast it an extra time or two. Enchant your bracers at least 4 times to reach 105 enchanting for the next recipe.


Enchant Bracer – Minor Agility x15 (2x Strange Dust + 1x Greater Magic Essence)

Once again you have a new bracer enchantment, but this one offers an offensive bonus. It will give you a whopping one extra agility point, but serves as your first time boosting melee offense rather than defensive stats. Cast it 15 times to reach 120 enchanting.


Enchant Shield – Minor Stamina x10 (1x Lesser Astral Essence + 2x Strange Dust)

You’re probably glad to see an enchant that doesn’t go on your bracers. This one is for a shield though, which might be problematic if you don’t wear one. Cast enchant shield – minor stamina 10 times on another player’s shield, or buy a cheap one from a vendor.


Enchant Bracer – Lesser Stamina x20 (2x Soul Dust)

If you missed the wonderful experience of enchanting your bracers, fear no more as it makes a return for this recipe. This time, you’ll receive a stamina boost of +3, which actually starts to become meaningful. You’ll use soul dust for the first time with this recipe as well. Cast it 20 times to reach the halfway mark for your enchanting journey.

150-225 (Expert)

Mats Required:


Runed Golden Rod x1 (1x Golden Rod + 1x Iridescent Pearl + 2x Greater Astral Essence + 2x Soul Dust)

Once you reach 150 enchanting, you’ll want to learn expert enchanting to raise your skill level cap to 225. Horde players can find Hgarth in Stonetalon Mountains, while Alliance players can head to the Tower of Azora in Elwynn Forest to train with Kitta Firewind. The first recipe you’ll make after that will be your third runed rod, this time made of gold. A blacksmith can make you one, but you’ll also need to locate an iridescent pearl found within a clam.


Enchant Bracer – Lesser Stamina x9 (2x Soul Dust)

You’ve already casted this enchant 20 times to reach 150, but you’ll need to do it at least 9 times to reach 160 enchanting. It will become yellow at 155, so you might need a few extra soul dust to get all the way.


Enchant Shield – Lesser Stamina x5 (1x Lesser Mystic Essence + 1x Soul Dust)

Here’s another shield enchant for you! This one will add 3 stamina, but you’ll only need to cast it about 5 times. Do so until you reach 165 enchanting for your next recipe.


Enchant Bracer – Spirit x15 (1x Lesser Mystic Essence)

Your bracer enchantments are starting to pick up power, with this recipe giving you +5 to your spirit. You can cast this 15 times to reach 180 enchanting, at which point you’ll cast yet another bracer enchant.


Enchant Bracer – Strength x20 (1x Vision Dust)

If you’re a warrior or retribution paladin, you’ll benefit from the beefy +5 strength this next enchant will give you. +5 is no joke for a damage-boosting stat, so you’ll easily find other players that would be interested in receiving this. Cast it 20 times to reach 200 enchanting level.


Runed Truesilver Rod x1 (1x Truesilver Rod + 1x Black Pearl + 2x Greater Mystic Essence + 2x Vision Dust)

This will the the second-to-last runed rod you’ll need to make. The price takes another step up, as you’ll require a truesilver rod and a black pearl to make this wicked stick. Put it together and get ready for more bracer enchants!


Enchant Bracer – Strength x4 (1x Vision Dust)

You’ve casted this enchant to reach 200 enchanting, but you’ll want to keep at it until you reach 205. It does turn yellow at 200, so you may need a few more vision dust to top yourself off.


Enchant Cloak – Greater Defense x20 (3x Vision Dust)

Now you’ll be casting your first cloak enchant! Woohoo, it’s finally not a bracer or shield enchant! This one will certainly boost your melee defenses, granting an additional 50 points of armor. Just cast it 20 times until you reach 225, at which point you should head to Annora in Uldaman for the final leg of your training.

225-300 (Artisan)

Make sure that you review the notes for the Enchanting trainer in Uldaman as you’ll want to take as many mats as you can.

Mats Required:


Enchant Gloves – Agility x10 (1x Lesser Nether Essence + 1x Vision Dust)

You’ll take another break from bracers as you’ll be enchanting gloves this time around. This enchant gives +5 agility, and turns yellow at 230, so you may need a few extra essence and dust to cast the next enchant at 235.


Enchant Chest – Superior Health x10 (6x Vision Dust)

Your next enchant will add 50 health to your chestpiece. It will also turn yellow halfway, so having a surplus of vision dust isn’t a bad idea. You’ll cast this until you finally reach 245 enchanting.

Important note!  From this point on, all of the enchanting formulas can only be acquired from either a specific vendor, or trainer, or from mobs and the Auction House.  Below each entry will be a short description of where and how to acquire the formula.


Enchant Bracer – Greater Strength x20 (2x Dream Dust + 1x Greater Nether Essence)

If you felt lost without your bracer enchants, have no fear as they make a final return on this step of the process. You’ll want to cast enchant bracer – greater strength 5 times to reach 250. The +7 boon to strength is no joke, and you’re sure to find eager buyers.

Location:  This formula can only be acquired from the Master Enchanter Annora.  The other two faction trainers cannot train you in this formula.


Once AQ launches in Phase 5 a new enchanting trainer will become available. At that time you’ll be able to use Lesser Mana Oil for levels 250-270.  For now though, continue on to the section for 265 – 290.

Lesser Mana Oil x20 (3x Dream Dust + 2x Purple Lotus + 1x Crystal Vial)

This is your first odd recipe, and will have you create lesser mana oil. This tincture will restore 8 mana every 5 seconds, making it useful for healers. You can purchase this recipe in Silithus from Kania in Cenarion Hold. It will turn yellow at 260, so you’ll likely need extra dust and lotuses. Crystal vials can be found at any alchemy supplies vendor.


Enchant Shield – Greater Stamina OR Enchant Boots – Greater Stamina x25 (10x Dream Dust)

This is the first time you really get an option of which enchant you choose, as both recipes come with the same cost. The key difference is the boots enchant turn yellow at 280, while the shield enchant becomes yellow at 285. Either way, get yourself up to 290 enchanting so you can make your final runed rod!

Location:  Formula: Enchant Shield – Greater Stamina can be purchased from either Daniel Bartlett in Undercity, or Mythrin’dir in Teldrassil.  Formula: Enchant Boots – Greater Stamina is a world drop which can be most easily, if costly, be acquired at the Auction House.  If you wish to farm the formula though, there are an abundance of creatures in the Western Plaguelands from which it drops.


Runed Arcanite Rod x1 (1x Arcanite Rod + 1x Golden Pearl + 10x Illusion Dust + 4x Greater Eternal Essence + 4x Small Brilliant Shard + 2x Large Brilliant Shard)

This is your master enchanting rod, and rightfully has an expensive material cost. You’ll need several shards, an arcanite rod, and a golden pearl to make this rod. Put it together and get ready to max your enchanting level!

Location:  Formula: Runed Arcanite Rod can only be purchased from Lorelae Wintersong in Nighthaven Village in Moonglade.


Enchant Cloak – Superior Defense x9 (8x Illusion Dust)

This is your final enchant and it’s an easy one! Just cast this powerful enchantment providing 70 armor to your cloak 9 times to cap your enchanting level. Congratulations on reaching level 300 enchanting! Keep reading to learn where you can find materials and rare enchantments!

Location:  As with the previous formula, Formula: Enchant Cloak – Superior Defense can only be acquired from Lorelae Wintersong in Nighthaven Village in Moonglade.

Disenchanting Materials

  • Armor: usually dust (occasionally essence)
  • Weapons: usually essence (occasionally dust)

Dust If You Have Tailoring



High Level Enchantment Locations (Sold)

These enchantments can be bought directly from a specific vendor as long as you fulfill the requirements.

High Level Enchantment Locations (Drops)

Many recipes do require you to loot them as a drop. Many of them are quite rare and are only dropped by powerful bosses. Check out the list below to see where you can find some of the best enchants in the game!

Drop Rates

  • Very High: >14%
  • High: 9-13%
  • Medium: 4-8%
  • Low: 1-3%
  • Very Low: 0.5-1%
  • Ridiculous: <0.5%


Enchanting Visual Effects

  • Beastslaying – Red
  • Elemental Slaying – Red
  • Damage – Blue
  • Agility – Green
  • Strength – Green
  • Intellect – Yellow
  • Spirit – Yellow
  • Crusader – White
  • Icy Chill – Bright White
  • Lifestealing – Purple
  • Fiery – Orange/Red
  • Demonslaying – Orange/Yellow
  • Unholy – Green, with 2 skulls rotating around the weapon
  • Spell Damage – Purple
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Matt Brown

Nice guide, thanks! The only suggestion I have for improvement would be to add the prices of the training.


Kania and the recipe for lesser mana oil doesn’t appear until AQ is live, this guide should be updated for enchanting levels 250-270 as a result.


Thank you, Deages for bringing this to our attention. Kania and the recipe are missing, but the disconnect here was that the numbers for the level ranges were also slightly off. As a result, there was an erroneous gap in the progression. You can use the Enchant Bracers – Greater Strength up until 265 and you can start using the shield enchant AT 265. So you should be good to go. A note has also been added to show that the Lesser Mana Oil AND Kania won’t be available until the AQ patch. Thanks again for your input and for catching this for us.


I cannot find Kania in the inn in CH. Are you sure she is in WOW Classic?


Nope! The reason you can’t find her is because, as you guessed, she does not appear until the AQ patch and neither does her Lesser Mana Oil formula. The good news is that you don’t need it. The previous enchantment in the progression: Enchant Bracer – Greater Strength will take you all the way to 265, which is when you can get the shield enchant that comes AFTER the Mana Oil in the guide. Sorry for the confusion, but thanks for helping us find this error so that we could correct it.


Kania in Cenarion Hold doesn’t exist yet… in fact, lesser mana oil doesn’t even exist int he game yet.


Yep, just got this sorted. The guide has been corrected to accurately show both the proper profession progression as well as that Kania, and therefore her formula, doesn’t appear until after the AQ patch. Thank you!


Kania in Cenarion Hold is not in current phase of classic.


She sure isn’t. Sorry for the confusion. We’ve recently made fixes to the guide to reflect this. Thanks.

John Wick

The part from 250 onwards is wrong in current classic wow, because Lesser Mana Oil doesn’t exist in phase one.


Thanks, this has very recently been addressed after some investigation.


Also, the rest of the guide is still accurate, as the Greater Stamina Enchantments for Boots and Shields will still take you to 290 enchanting. The inaccuracy was in that you could actually acquire them at 265 instead of 270. Thanks again though!


Terrible guide. this isn’t a proper classic guide. some formulas bought that the trainer doesn’t teach you, this guide never mentions. the lesser vials thing is dumb cos it doesn’t exist yet.


Abdel, sorry you had so much trouble with the guide! You make a valid point, in the last half of Artisan, all of the formulas are acquired from either specific vendors and traders, or are world drops and it’s never mentioned that this is the case. That section of the guide has been updated to address this and gives the specific location and method of acquiring each of the formulas in question. It’s also understandable that the Lesser Mana Vial is confusing, as it is not yet available in this phase. Which is why we made a note at the end of that entry explaining as such. I certainly hope that helps and I’m sorry you were in such a bad way over that missing info. Thanks for your input and for helping us to improve the guide.


Even if people are saying what they will about the guide, I think it was beautifully done, it let me explain what I need to do, to my brother who has a hard time understanding guides so I say bravo!


The amounts are wrong going from 245-265. Not that fun realizing you’re 15 Greater Nether Essence short when one has finally gotten there 🙂
Also, the totals for Artisan will obviously have to be updated as well (probably for Dream Dust too). Otherwise, thanks for a well written guide.


Thanks for your input here. We recently made changes to the guide to fix the issue with the Lesser Mana Oil not actually being available yet and when these changes were made, we forgot about the material amounts. They’ve been corrected, as have the totals for Artisan. Very sorry that mistake caused you any trouble, but again, very grateful that you caught it. Thanks again.

Maggie Smith

Would appreciate if the strength enchant from the Thorium Brotherhood rep is added, including the cosmetic effects of the enchants on the weapon(s).


Hey Maggie Smith, thanks so much for inquiring about this. We’ve got that enchantment and it’s corresponding color effect (green) added to the guide now. Thanks again for helping to improve the guide and have a wonderful day.

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