WoW Classic Dungeons & Instances

Wow Classic Dungeons Overview
  • Author: Furious
  • Date: December 1, 2018
  • Expansion: WoW Classic
  • Category: Dungeons

Welcome to our dungeon guide for WoW Classic! Azeroth is home to more than 20 combined dungeons and raids, all of which offer some exciting and useful loot on your journey to level 60 and beyond. Every dungeon has level requirements, but you’ll always need a group of five if you want to do a dungeon around your level.

In this guide we’ll cover several useful bits of information for each dungeon in the game. This includes the level requirement (both actual and recommended), what zone it is located in, main and side boss encounters, some important loot drops, and a brief description of the dungeon itself. Most dungeons will take you upwards of an hour or more to complete, but can be well worth it for the experience and potential drops you might find. Get your closest friends together and delve into a dungeon for the best way to enjoy Classic WoW!

WoW Classic Instances By Level

Level Instance Type Group Size (Max)
13-18 Ragefire Chasm Dungeon 5 (10)
17-24 Wailing Caverns Dungeon 5 (10)
17-26 The Deadmines Dungeon 5 (10)
22-30 Shadowfang Keep Dungeon 5 (10)
24-32 Blackfathom Deeps Dungeon 5 (10)
24-32 The Stockade Dungeon 5 (10)
29-38 Gnomeregan Dungeon 5 (10)
29-38 Razorfen Kraul Dungeon 5 (10)
34-45 The Scarlet Monastery Dungeon 5 (10)
37-46 Razorfen Downs Dungeon 5 (10)
41-51 Uldaman Dungeon 5 (10)
42-46 Zul’Farrak Dungeon 5 (10)
46-55 Maraudon Dungeon 5 (10)
50-56 Temple of Atal’Hakkar Dungeon 5 (10)
52-60 Blackrock Depths Dungeon 5
55-60 Lower Blackrock Spire Dungeon 5 (10)
55-60 Upper Blackrock Spire Raid 10
55-60 Dire Maul Dungeon 5
58-60 Stratholme Dungeon 5
58-60 Scholomance Dungeon 5
60+ Onyxia’s Lair Raid 40
60+ Zul’Gurub Raid 20
60+ Molten Core Raid 40
60++ Blackwing Lair Raid 40
60++ Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj Raid 20
60+++ Temple of Ahn’Qiraj Raid 40
60++++ Naxxramas Raid 40

Ragefire Chasm (Horde)

  • Level Requirement: 10
  • Recommended Level: 14-18
  • Location: Orgrimmar, Durotar
  • Boss Encounters: Oggleflint, Jergosh the Invoker, Taragaman the Hungerer, Bazzalan
  • Loot Drops: Cursed Felblade, Chanting Blade, Robe of Evocation

Ragefire Chasm is the first dungeon available to Horde players. It is located directly in Orgrimmar, making it fairly inaccessible to Alliance players. The dungeon is set inside a volcano filled with fairly weak troggs and orcs, which you’ll kill to reach the powerful demon, Taragaman the Hungerer.

Wailing Caverns

  • Level Requirement: 10
  • Recommended Level: 16-25
  • Location: The Barrens
  • Boss Encounters: Kresh, Skum, Lady Anacondra, Lord Cobrahn, Lord Pythas, Lord Serpentis, Verdan the Everliving, Mutanus the Devourer, Deviate Faerie Dragon (rare)
  • Loot Drops:
    • Boahn’s Fang, Venomstrike, Stinging Viper, Kresh’s Back, Robe of the Moccasin, Cobrahn’s Grasp, Serpent’s Shoulders, Serpent Gloves, Savage Trodders, Deep Fathom Ring
    • Embrace of the Viper Set: Leggings of the Fang, Armor of the Fang, Gloves of the Fang, Belt of the Fang, Footpads of the Fang

Wailing Caverns is located in The Barrens, making it primarily for Horde players, although Alliance players can run it if they are willing to make the long trip. Inside Wailing Caverns, you’ll find beasts, mutations, and the night elves known as the Serpent Lords. You’ll also help to awaken the night elf Naralex as rests in a deep slumber.

The Deadmines (Alliance)

  • Level Requirement: 10
  • Recommended Level: 18-24
  • Location: Westfall
  • Boss Encounters: Rhahk’zor, Sneed, Gilnid, Mr. Smite, Captain Greenskin, Edwin VanCleef, Cookie, Miner Johnson (rare)
  • Loot Drops:
    • Smite’s Mighty Hammer, Cruel Barb, Emberstone Staff, Cookie’s Tenderizer
    • Blackened Defias Leather Set: Blackened Defias Armor, Blackened Defias Boots, Blackened Defias Gloves, Blackened Defias Belt, Blackened Defias Leggings

The Deadmines can be found in Westfall, meaning Alliance players have a much easier time accessing it. The dungeon is set within an expansive mineshaft, ultimately opening up into a large cavern and vessel towards the end. You’ll find humans all over The Deadmines, but you’ll also encounter a few ogres too. At the end you’ll find the sneaky Edwin VanCleef, head bandit of all the thieves you’ve seen so far.

Blackfathom Deeps

  • Level Requirement: 15
  • Recommended Level: 20-30
  • Location: Ashenvale
  • Boss Encounters: Ghamoo-ra, Baron Aquanis, Old Serra’kis Lady Sarevess, Lorgus Jett, Twilight Lord Kelris, Gelihast, Aku’mai
  • Loot Drops: Strike of the Hydra, Rod of the Sleepwalker, Tortoise Armor, Reef Axe, Naga Heartpiercer

Blackfathom Deeps is a sunken temple of Elune found in the Veiled Sea. The dungeon is fairly large, containing several naga, murlocs, and even a few hydras. You’ll slowly explore the temple ruins until you encounter Aku’mai, a pet of the Old Gods. A majority of the temple is found above water, but some of the ruins are only accessible underwater.

Shadowfang Keep

  • Level Requirement: 14
  • Recommended Level: 22-30
  • Location: Silverpine Forest
  • Boss Encounters: Razorclaw the Butcher, Baron Silverlaine, Fenrus the Devourer, Commander Springvale, Wolf Master Nandos, Odo the Blindwatcher, Archmage Arugal, Deathsworn Captain (rare)
  • Loot Drops: Meteor Shard, Commander’s Crest, Feline Mantle, Silverlaine’s Family Seal, Baron’s Scepter

Shadowfang Keep is the dungeon that used to be Baron Silverlain’s noble keep. It is a result of the Archmage, Arugal summoning worgen to protect Dalaran, who in turn ravaged the keep. Now Arugal lives in the keep with the worgen as his pets, but you can also find the ghost of Baron Silverlaine in this spooky castle.

The Stockade (Alliance)

  • Level Requirement: 15
  • Recommended Level: 22-30
  • Location: Stormwind City, Elwynn Forest
  • Boss Encounters: Targorr the Dread, Kam Deepfury, Bazil Thredd, Dextren Ward, Hamhock, Bruegal Ironknuckle (rare)
  • Loot Drops:
    • Kam’s Walking Stick, Defias Renegade Ring
    • Only from Bruegal Ironknuckle: Iron Knuckles, Prison Shank

The Stockade is the Alliance counterpart to Ragefire Chasm, as it is located directly in Stormwind City. It is a high-security prison housing several violent criminals, but they’re no longer being guarded. You can clear through the jail to shutdown the prison revolution, but The Stockade doesn’t drop much loot.


  • Level Requirement: 19
  • Recommended Level: 25-35
  • Location: Dun Morogh
  • Boss Encounters: Viscous Fallout, Grubbis, Crowd Pummeler 9-60, Electrocutioner 6000, Mekgineer Thermaplugg, Dark Iron Ambassador (rare)
  • Loot Drops: Hydrocane, Toxic Revenger, Electrocutioner’s Leg, Manual Crowd Pummeler, Electromagnetic Gigaflux Reactivator

Gnomeregan is the deserted capital city of the gnomes. The mechanically advanced city was once filled with gnomes, but it was invaded by mutant troggs that were eventually infected (but not killed) with radioactive waste. You’ll kill dozens of troggs and crazed gnomes on your way to eliminating the traitorous Mekgineer Thermaplugg.

Scarlet Monastery

  • Level Requirement: 21
  • Recommended Level:
    • Graveyard: 26-35
    • Library: 30-40
    • Armory: 32-42
    • Cathedral: 35-45
  • Location: Tirisfal Glades
  • Boss Encounters:
    • Graveyard: Interrogator Vishas, Bloodmage Thalnos, Azshir the Sleepless (rare), Fallen Champion (rare), Ironspire (rare)
    • Armory: Herod
    • Library: Houndmaster Loksey, Arcanist Doan
    • Cathedral: High Inquisitor Fairbanks, Scarlet Commander Mograine, High Inquisitor Whitemane
  • Loot Drops:
    • Deadman’s Hand, Torturing Poker, Ravager, Mograine’s Might, Illusionary Rod, Whitemane’s Chapeau
    • Chain of the Scarlet Crusade Set: Scarlet Chestpiece, Scarlet Leggings, Scarlet Boots, Scarlet Belt, Scarlet Gauntlets, Scarlet Wristguards

Scarlet Monastery was originally used for priests in Lordaeron, but became the home of the Scarlet Crusade when the undead rose. The Scarlet Crusade fiercely hates any race that is not human, as you’ll find almost exclusively humans throughout the monastery. It is split into four wings, each containing several enemies and bosses.

Razorfen Kraul

  • Level Requirement: 25
  • Recommended Level: 30-40
  • Location: The Barrens
  • Boss Encounters: Roogug, Death Speaker Jargba, Overlord Ramtusk, Aggem Thorncurse, Agathelos the Raging, Charlga Razorflank, Blind Hunter (rare), Earthcaller Halmgar (rare)
  • Loot Drops: Corpsemaker, Swinetusk Shank, Heart of Agamaggan, Agamaggan’s Clutch, Tusken Helm

Razorfen Kraul was created when the demigod boar Agamaggan fell in battle. His blood created several thorny vine areas in the southern parts of The Barrens. You’ll find endless amounts of quilboars in this dungeon, as they are rumored to be descendants of Agamaggan himself.


  • Level Requirement: 30
  • Recommended Level: 35-45
  • Location: Badlands
  • Boss Encounters: Revelosh, Ironaya, Obsidian Sentinel, Ancient Stone Keeper, Galgann Firehammer, Grimlok, Archaedas, The Lost Dwarves (horde only)
  • Loot Drops: Ironshod Bludgeon, Galgann’s Fireblaster, Grimlok’s Charge, The Rockpounder, Cragfists, Archaedic Stone

Uldaman is Titan vault found buried in the Badlands. They contain the first creation of the Titans, the troggs. Dwarves were created by the Titans when they tried once again, the history of which can be found deep within the vault. You’ll have to clear through countless troggs and stone guardians to reach the heart of Uldaman.

Razorfen Downs

  • Level Requirement: 35
  • Recommended Level: 40-50
  • Location: The Barrens
  • Boss Encounters: Tuten’kash, Glutton, Mordresh Fire Eye, Amnennar the Coldbringer, Plaguemaw the Rotting (summoned), Ragglesnout (rare)
  • Loot Drops: Coldrage Dagger, Plaguerot Sprig, Icemetal Barbute, Arachnid Gloves, Glowing Eye of Mordresh, Glutton’s Cleaver

Razorfen Downs is located directly next to Razorfen Kraul and once served as the capital city for the quilboars. This changed when the scourge invaded and turned the city into an undead stronghold. Now you’ll need to take out the remaining quilboars and waves of scourge as you make your way to the heart of the city.


  • Level Requirement: 35
  • Recommended Level: 45-54
  • Location: Tanaris
  • Boss Encounters: Theka the Martyr, Antu’sul, Witch Doctor Zum’rah, Sandfury Executioner, Nekrum Gutchewer, Shadowpriest Sezz’ziz, Sergeant Bly & Co, Ruuzlu, Hydromancer Velratha, Gahz’rilla, Chief Ukorz Sandscalp, Zerillis (rare), Dustwraith (rare)
  • Loot Drops: Sang’thraze the Deflector & Jang’thraze the Protector (together creates Sul’thraze the Lasher), Zum’rah’s Vexing Cane, Bad Mojo Mask, Jinxed Hoodoo Kilt, Gahz’rilla Scale Armor

Zul’Farrak is a large troll encampment found in the deserts of Tanaris and is home to both halves of the epic sword, Sul’thraze the Lasher. Explore deep enough through the encampment and you’ll find a powerful demigod waiting in a pool for you. You’ll also need to save a group of adventurers before you ultimately slay Chief Ukorz Sandscalp


  • Level Requirement: 30
  • Recommended Level: 46-55
  • Location: Desolace
  • Boss Encounters:
    • Purple Side: Tinkerer Gizlock, Lord Vyletongue
    • Orange Side: Noxxion, Razorlash
    • Poison Falls: Celebras the Cursed, Meshlok the Harvester (rare)
    • Earth Song Falls: Landslide, Rotgrip, Princess Theradras
  • Loot Drops: Blade of Eternal Darkness, Princess Theradras’ Scepter, Fist of Stone, Claw of Celebras, Satyr’s Lash, Noxious Shooter, Gizlock’s Hypertech Buckler, Elemental Rockridge Leggings, Heart of Noxxion

Maraudon is a huge dungeon found in Desolace, serving as the final resting place for Zaetar, son of Cenarius the demigod. Zaetar and Theradras, the princess of the earth elementals, created the centaurs, who now protect the sacred burial grounds. Now Princess Theradras grieves deep within the cavern, filled with several noxious elementals that will make the journey a long one.

Temple of Atal’Hakkar

  • Level Requirement: 45
  • Recommended Level: 54+
  • Location: Swamp of Sorrows
  • Boss Encounters: Jammal’an the Prophet, Ogom the Wretched, Weaver, Dreamscythe, Avatar of Hakkar, Hazzas, Morphaz, Shade of Eranikus
  • Loot Drops: Dragon’s Call, Embrace of the Wind Serpent, Firebreather, Spire of Hakkar, Crest of Supremacy, Warrior’s Embrace, Blade of the Wretched

Temple of Atal’hakkar was formed when a group of Gurubashi troll priests were exiled for their efforts to revive Hakkar the Soulflayer, one of the ancient blood gods. They sought refuge in Swamp of Sorrows and constructed a temple to summon Hakkar from. The temple was ultimately smashed by Ysera, the dragon aspect, and is now protected by green dragons and surviving trolls.

Blackrock Depths

  • Level Requirement: 48
  • Recommended Level: 51+
  • Location: Searing Gorge
  • Boss Encounters: High Interrogator Gerstahhn, Houndmaster Grebmar, Lord Roccor, Golem Lord Argelmach, Hurley Blackbreath, Phalanx, Lord Incendius, Warder Stilgiss, Verek, Watchman Doomgrip, Fineous Darkvire, Bael’gar, General Angerforge, Plugger Spazzring, Ribbly Screwspigot, Ambassador Flamelash, The Seven, Magmus, Princess Moira Bronzebeard, Ring of Law, The Vault (Dark Keepers), Emperor Dagran Thaurissan, Panzor the Invincible (rare)
  • Loot Drops:
    • Ironfoe, Circle of Flame, Kindling Stave, Angerforge’s Battle Axe, Lord General’s Sword, Guiding Stave of Wisdom, The Emperor’s New Cape, Hand of Justice
    • Savage Gladiator Set (from Ring of Law): Savage Gladiator Chain, Savage Gladiator Helm, Savage Gladiator Leggings, Savage Gladiator Greaves, Savage Gladiator Grips

Blackrock Depths is one of the largest dungeons in all of Azeroth, home to more than a dozen bosses and encounters. It used to be the capital city for the Dark Iron Dwarves, but instead was invaded by the Firelord, Ragnaros. From Blackrock Depths, Ragnaros now creates golems and uses his draconic minions to carry out his orders. Prepare to spend several hours in the depths if you intend on doing a full clear.

Lower Blackrock Spire

  • Level Requirement: 48
  • Recommended Level: 55+
  • Location: Searing Gorge
  • Boss Encounters: Highlord Omokk, Urok Doomhowl, Quartermaster Zigris, Halcyon, Gizrul the Slavener, War Master Voone, Mother Smolderweb, Overlord Wyrmthalak, Burning Felguard (rare), Spirestone Battle Lord (rare), Spirestone Lord Magus (rare), Bannok Grimaxe (rare), Crystal Fang (rare), Ghok Bashguud (rare), Spirestone Butcher (rare)
  • Loot Drops:
    • Mark of the Dragon Lord, Fist of Omokk, Riphook, Trindlehaven Staff, Rhombeard Protector, Plate of the Shaman King, Trueaim Gauntlets, Hands of Power, Talisman of Evasion, Rosewine Circle, Smolderweb’s Eye
    • Pattern: Robe of the Archmage, Plans: Arcanite Reaper, Plans: Annihilator

Lower Blackrock Spire is the lower portion of Blackrock Spire, primarily serving as the living quarters of Warchief Rend Blackhand’s Dark Horde. This massive city is also home to ogres, trolls, and even some venomous spiders in the ruins of the city. You’ll need to explore a majority of the barracks and kill countless dark orcs on your way to finding Overlord Wyrmthalak.

Upper Blackrock Spire (10 Man)

  • Level Requirement: 48
  • Recommended Level: 55+
  • Location: Searing Gorge
  • Boss Encounters: Pyroguard Emberseer, Solakar Flamewreath, Goraluk Anvilcrack, Gyth, Warchief Rend Blackhand, The Beast, General Drakkisth, Jed Runewatcher (rare)
  • Loot Drops:
    • Felstriker, Blackblade of Shahram, Blackhand Doomsaw, Dal’Rend’s Sacred Charge, Dal’Rend’s Tribal Guardian, Finkle’s Skinner, Draconian Deflector, Truestrike Shoulders, Briarwood Reed
    • All T0 Chests, Gauntlets of Elements, Devout Mantle, Pauldrons of Elements, Spaulders of Valor, Lightforge Spaulders
    • Plans: Arcanite Champion, Pattern: Red Dragonscale Breastplate, Recipe: Flask of the Titans, Recipe: Flask of Chromatic Resistance, Chromatic Carapace, Pristine Hide of the Beast 

Upper Blackrock Spire is the upper portion of Blackrock Spire, and is mainly used to house the stronger, more elite orcs of the Dark Horde. These are known as the Blackhand Legion and are significantly stronger than those found in Lower Blackrock Spire. Unlike any other non-level 60 dungeon in the game, Upper Blackrock Spire is actually a 10-man instance and requires attunement. Despite that, it is one of the most popular dungeons in the games for the great loot it provides.

Dire Maul

  • Level Requirement: 48
  • Recommended Level: 55+
  • Location: Feralas
  • Boss Encounters: 
    • East Wing: Pusilin, Zevrim Thornhoof, Hydrospawn, Lethtendris, Alzzin the Wildshaper
    • West Wing: Tendris Warpwood, Illyanna Ravenoak, Magister Kalendris, Immol’thar, Prince Tortheldrin, Tsu’zee (rare) Lord Hel’nurath (summoned for warlock epic mount quest),
    • North Wing: Guard Mol’dar, Stomper Kreeg, Guard Fengus, Guard Slip’kik, Captain Kromcrush, Cho’Rush the Observer, King Gordok
  • Loot Drops: 
    • East Wing: Quel’dorai Channeling Rod, Fiendish Machete, Helm of Awareness Tempest Talisman, Ring of Demonic Guile, Ringe of Demonic Potency, Clever Hat
    • West Wing: Timeworn Mace, Blade of the New Moon, Silvermoon Leggings, Force Imbued Gauntlets, Vigilance Charm, Mindtap Talisman, Petrified Bark Shield
    • North Wing: Monstrous Glaive, Cho’Rush’s Blade, Barbarous Blade, Observer’s Shield, Kromcrush’s Chestplate, Crown of the Ogre King, Leggings of Destruction, Unsophisticated Hand Cannon, Kreeg’s Mug, Jagged Bone Fist, Gordok Nose Ring
    • Tribute Chest: Rod of the Ogre Magi, Unyielding Maul, Barrier Shield, Mindsurge Robe, Counterattack Lodestone, Scarab Plate Helm

Dire Maul is the remains of Eldre’Thalas, the Highborne city that held all of Queen Azshara’s most valuable secrets on the arcane arts. The massive dungeon is split into three wings, although only the East Wing is accessible without a key (found on Pusillin in the East Wing). You’ll find dozens of ogres, ghostly highborne, and satyrs on your way to King Gordok. Alternatively, you can opt not to kill most bosses and receive a tribute chest after finishing the dungeon.


  • Level Requirement: 48
  • Recommended Level: 58+
  • Location: Western Plaguelands
  • Boss Encounters: Blood Steward of Kirtonos, Jandice Barov, Rattlegore, Marduk Blackpool, Doctor Theolen Krastinov, Lorekeeper Polkelt, Instructor Malicia, Vectus, Ras Frostwhisper, Lady Illucia Barov, Lord Alexei Barov, The Ravenian, Darkmaster Gandling, Kirtonos the Herald (summoned), Death Knight Darkreaver (summoned for paladin epic mount quest)
  • Loot Drops:
    • Headmaster’s Charge, Alanna’s Embrace, Frightalon, Barovian Family Sword, Staff of Metanoia, Iceblade Hacker, Ancient Bone Bow, Intricately Runed Shield, Shadowy Mail Greaves, Ghoul Skin Leggings, Libram of Divinity, Totem of Sustaining 
    • All T0 Helms, Boots of Valor, Dreadmist Mantle, Shadowcraft Boots, Magister’s Mantle 
    • Bloodmail Set: Bloodmail Belt, Bloodmail Boots, Bloodmail Gauntlets, Bloodmail Hauberk, Bloodmail Legguards 
    • Cadaverous Set: Cadaverous Armor, Cadaverous Belt, Cadaverous Gloves, Cadaverous Leggings, Cadaverous Walkers
    • Deathbone Set: Deathbone Chestplate, Deathbone Gauntlets, Deathbone Girdle, Deathbone Legguards, Deathbone Sabatons
    • Necropile Set: Necropile Boots, Necropile Cuffs, Necropile Leggings, Necropile Mantle, Necropile Robe
    • Pattern: Robe of the Void, Recipe: Flask of Supreme Power

Scholomance is what is left of Caer Darrow, once owned by Lord Alexei Barov and his family. Barov was betrayed by the nefarious wizard, Kel’thuzad, and eventually handed over the crypts to the Lich King to show his loyalty. For his efforts, the Barovs were slaughtered and the crypts are now dedicated to necromancy. Now you’ll find several crazed cultists through the dungeon as you fight your way to the school’s headmaster.


  • Level Requirement: 48
  • Recommended Level: 58+
  • Location: Eastern Plaguelands
  • Boss Encounters:
    • Living Side: Stratholme Courier, The Unforgiven, Timmy the Cruel, Archivist Galford, Malor the Zealous, Cannon Master Wiley, Grand Crusader Dathrohan, Hearthsinger Forresten (rare), Skul (rare), Postmaster Malown (summoned)
    • Undead Side: Nerub’enkan, Maleki the Pallid, Baroness Anastari, Magistrate Barthilas, Ramstein the Gorger, Baron Rivendare, Stonespire (rare)
  • Loot Drops: 
      • Living Side:
        • Book of the Dead, Soul Breaker, The Cruel Hand of Timmy, Redemption, Hammer of the Grand Crusader, Tome of Knowledge, Mask of the Unforgiven, Grand Crusader’s Helm 
        • Postmaster Set: The Postmaster’s Band, The Postmaster’s Seal, The Postmaster’s Tunic, The Postmaster’s Treads, The Postmaster’s Trousers 
        • Pattern: Truefaith Vestments, Plans: Heartseeker, Piccolo of the Flaming Fire
      • Undead Side:
        • Runeblade of Baron Rivendare, Peacemaker, Skullforge Reaver, Ritssyn’s Wand of Bad Mojo, Skull of Burning Shadow, Husk of Nerub’enkan, Shadowy Laced Handwraps, Stoneskin Gargoyle Cape, Chitinous Plate Legguards, Gauntlets of Deftness, Anastari Heirloom, Animated Chain Necklace, Ramstein’s Lightning Bolts, Idol of Brutality, 
        • Plans: Hammer of the Titans, Deathcharger’s Reins

Stratholme is one of the most popular dungeons in the game, and is a key location for the storyline of Prince Arthas. It is in Stratholme where Arthas betrayed Uther Lightbringer by killing subjects he believed to have the undead plague. In addition to the scourge on the Undead Side, some Scarlet Crusaders also inhabit the ruined city, known as the Living Side. The Undead Side is the final half of the dungeon, at the end of which you’ll find the death knight, Baron Rivendare and his skeletal companion.

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