Early development version of TukUI for WoW Classic by Tukz. Expect bugs and missing features.

Currently there are no installation instructions so you may need to do some trial and error.

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You can move frames using /tukui move and customize the datatexts using /tukui dt

And of course editing the LUA files directly for specifics.


Hi, thank you for the amazing addon. Looks Great, however as a warrior it seems the bar changing for stances does not seem to be working?
Also, is it not possible to move the Unit Frames & Action Bars or edit them? It would be great if we could move things to our liking. Or is it possible and i haven’t seen how?
Anyways, thx again for you’re work.


My chat window is pretty bugged. show all chats in the same window, and cant move some of them?


I can see it´s the Combatlog that is bugged somehow and still just stand there and do nothing, can´t move it or anything… Any ideas?


Installed, playing a Hunter and cannot see pet happiness. Any way to enable this?


is there an option to show blizzard menu bar? sometimes I like having it show when i need to open spellbook/guild/character sheet etc without hitting the hotkeys.


Can you adjust your own healthbar color to be gradient otherthan class color?
Can I change the action bars (I want to make a 4×3 grid with one of the action bars)?


Hi. Really nice addon! Could you add more options to configure the UI; like fade actionbars, bigger chat window and remove xp bars? 🙂


how do i install this. No matter what i do i cannot get it to show in addon list. even trying previously mentioned advice from BomSquad


After deleting the addon and wtf folder and re installing the addon again it now works 100% I was wondering is there any way to show much how hp or hp % you target got on unitframe? Also is it possible to move the quest tab you got to somehwere else on the screen?


Playing as hunter, can not see pet hapiness


how can u make the keybindings Always visible?


cant see what actionbars is in what place when im placing new skills



I cannot see rolls and loot chat . Any ideas ?

Robert Marion

Installed and dont see the addon even renamed the folder just to TUKUI


There are actually 2 folders, Tukui and Tukui_Config. You probably did what I did and just tried to copy the main folder to your addons folder, but you need to copy the two subfolders that I named previously to your addons folder.

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