Luna Unit Frames

Luna Unit Frames stems from the dark days before official Classic. While it is heavily inspired by Shadowed Unit Frames it aims to enhance the experience with WoW Classic in mind.

  • – Config mode for easy setup
  • – Enemy (and friendly) castbars
  • – Energy / MP5 ticker
  • – Druid mana bar
  • – Reckoning tracker
  • – Healing communication (green heal bars)
  • – Totem timer
  • – Clique support
  • – RealMobHealth support
  • – LibClassicDurations included
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I am not using party frames, but raid frame all the time. When I join party with hunter or lock, the pet group wont show up.. I have to go to the options clic Off and back On Enable, than it shows up.. same goes with raid groups (2-8). I have to do it only once when i log in, then it works fine when i join different groups, but still pretty anoying. Also could be possible to make debuffs on centr of the raid frames, not around it? Othrewise i like this addon!!


Doesnt seem to show up in my addons list don’t know why every other addon does.


did you remove the -master from the name?


Delete “-master” from the folder name.


I install it but I can’t see it on my addons list either. Any updates for this addon?


remove the -master from the folder name


I do not see how to enable druid mana bar in stress test environment


There is no option to remove COMBO POINTS from TARGET FRAME


Does Luna work yet?

Thomas A Indelicato

Can someone direct me on how to get the druid Mana bar? Thanks!


Under player frame settings, scroll all the way to the bottom to enable druid bar.


Enemy mob heal showing 100/100, fix for this?


same problem


I have the same problem with NPC’s despite using [ssmarthealth]. Targeting other players show CURRENTHP/MAXHP tho.

Matthew Edwards

it worked for me for 2 days then party wont show up anymore,is this a issue for anyone other than me?

byron miller

Same for me, went back to shadowed


Is there no longer Click casting in Luna. or /lunamo
The mouse over casting option was why I used it back in the day.
It had a seperate tab called Clickcasting i remember.


Working almost fine, just can’t get the cast bar to show for anything. Using spells, skinning etc nothing shows up.


same here


still doesn’t work, someone just make a new unit frame add-on already


Has anyone had any luck getting the raidframes to work that will show MainTankTarget and MainAssistTarget to show properly? Mine doesn’t seem to show this.


How do I get my buffs to show in the default location? left side of mini map. It’s currently showing my buffs under my player frame, I can only move them around the player frame and not back to its default location.


I cant see de/buffs underneath my player frame/in raid/party etc. despite having them enabled. So there is no way for me to see when i need to Dispel people. I also cant move a frame without affecting all others despite having unlocked them. How van i fix this? Moving my player frame for example will affect my party Frames too. I have to move things one centimeter at a time to constantly adjust all the frames and it’s Frustrating AF


issue with the portraits, not fitting with-in the frame properly, when centered between the HP and Power bars a portion of the portrait extends past the power barand makes the power bar appear in the middle of the portrait.


it won’t show up in menu – interface – addons tab, so I can set the frames


How do i turn off names on the raid frames.


I keep being recommended to turn this addon off…


Is this ever going to be updated or is it dead? There seems to be alot of issues. The green healing bar prediction is way off.


how do i get it to show main tank’s target target????


Cant manage to edit anything, no commands work and it doesn’t show up under the addons tab in game interface.
Seems like a lovely addon if I just couldve gotten to work with it a bit, can’t seem to configure it in any way.


Cant get the 3D portrait to fit in the center of of the player frame, a small sliver either sticks below the power bar or above the top of the health bar.


When i load the game all frames are visible even though im solo. Why is this? How do I make the raid and party etc go away?


Luna opens in edit mode by default. To exit edit mode, go the General–>Lock

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