Group Calendar Addon that let’s you Schedule with Accept / Decline Display group events such as Raids or in game Wedding for that one hardcore Role Playing guy that you think is perhaps crazy but he’s so nice that you are going to attend so that you don’t crush his gentle soul.

Group Calendar provides an in-game calendar for planning, signing up, and managing events. It can be configured for single-guild use or for multi-guild alliances.

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I have an error when I tpe on the chat /gc for see the options (because I don’t see any button on minimap

[ERROR] [MCEventLib] Error dispatching event CHAT_MSG_ADDON:Interface\AddOns\GroupCalendar\MCDataChannelLib.lia:543: attempt to concatenate local ‘vChannelName’ (a nil valuer)


Someone with addon experience pleas take this on. We’re all old with commitments but could really use a tool to help plan community/guild events


D’ont work with wow classic, no minimap button and the command generate a error
I even have error when connecting to game:
Error lua in EventDatabase.lua at line 1351…….


It does not work, when you type /calendar a window opens but that is it.


dont work at all – is there a running version out there?


Any update on when this will be fixed and fully functioning?

Noah Baker

Hey, do you happen to still have the file? Im looking to fix it, but cant seem to find it anywhere

James Timmerman

I have the download how can I get it to you?

James Timmerman

Don’t know if I can put dropbox links in here but I shared it on my dropbox account.


Would love to have this addon working, any luck with fixing it?


Please keep us posted!


Doesn’t work.

James Timmerman

Everyone is more than aware that the addon doesn’t work currently. Hopefully @Noah Baker can fix it since he said they were looking to try.


Will this addon be adapted for WoW Classic? There is information?


I’ve been working on a version which I posted on curseforge. I can make add it here if it helps.

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