Five Second Rule

Current version: 1.20

This is an addon for World of Warcraft Classic.

Track the “5-second-rule” for mana-regeneration

The purpose of this addon is to track the so-called “5-second-rule” (5SR), which refers to the time needed to elapse after spending mana, for mana regen to resume. The timer starts counting down whenever the player successfully spends mana (instant spells, that don’t cost mana, wont reset the 5SR).

Once the 5SR has been fulfilled, the bar will show incoming mana regen ticks until full mana.

A few notes:

  • MP5 (from gear and buffs) is not tracked, as the FSR does not apply to it.
  • The addon uses a running average to filter out MP5 mana ticks and consumables.
  • Whenever items are changed or you exit Ghost form, the addon takes around 5 mana ticks to stabilize.
  • The addon technically also works for rogues to track energy ticks.
  • Hidden for warriors.


Access the addon interfaces through the in-game menu (ESC -> Interface Options > AddOns > FiveSecondRule).



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This addon doesn’t work for me. It doesn’t even show up in the addon list.


This worked for me, since they didn’t give any feedback. Thank you!


its not working for me as well, the folder name is wow-classic-five-second-rule-master. I hope this helps!


doesn’t work for me either 🙁 now looking at similar guides for other addons.. if you got any alternatives on mind, would gladly see them here


Hey! I was wondering if you can add to the 5second rule addon, a tracking for every tick untill full mana, because as a caster its pretty sweet to autowalk and drink at the same time if you time it right, would be very much appreciated! thanks


Where can I find this update? Tried both the archive download link from this site, as well as looking around on github. However there doesn´t appear to be any changes anywhere. Thanks in advance


Tested the update now, the addon now has everything I need. That’s amazing, thank you!


Hey Cassini,

Just opened an issue on your github repository regarding the new mana ticks. As you seem to be very active here and the servers are going to be unavailable soon until launch it would be awesome if you could consider the enhancement which I proposed:

Loving this addon so far with the addition of the mana ticks. The current way of viewing the mana ticks is however not very nice, as the countdown bar appears directly below the players mana bar and is quite small and easily missed.

Could a separate bar be created in the same location as the 5 second timer, so that it appears once the 5 second timer finishes and disappears. So when the 5 second timer disappears a new bar should appear with the countdown of the next mana tick, and maybe it would be best to change the bar flow from left to right (filling up) to differentiate it easily from the 5 second timer.
The new bar should then also disappear once the player reaches 100% mana or the 5 second rule timer is activated again.

I know it might be a lot more work than adding a small countdown line below the mana bar, but it would make it so much better usability wise.


FSR bar and ticks work beautifully! Tested on stress test and Beta. Nice work!


First off, I want to thank you for finally making a proper 5-second rule addon. I’ve been wanting one for literally years and I’ll be using it religiously from now on.

I have a couple of suggestions that would make this addon go from ‘dream come true’ to ‘sloshing wet dirty dream come true’.

I tested it and It doesn’t seem perfectly accurate. I did it by repeatedly casting a heal with a 2.5 sec cast time. I wasn’t able to get a mana return tick when I started casting at 2.4 seconds remaining until the next tick of mana. My results were inconsistent until I started casting when there were 1.3 seconds remaining on the timer. Casting after that, my mana return would be almost guaranteed.

I wonder if this was caused by lag. My latency is typically 60ms.

What I’d enjoy as an additional feature would be to have the option to make the mana return bar change color when there’s a specific amount of time (determined by the user) remaining on the timer. This can be used to predict latency, but also to indicate the right time to start casting if you’re using a specific spell all the time.

It’s easier to see that there’s X seconds remaining when the color changes, instead of having to stare at a number. This is especially hard to do if you’re raid healing and you need to have your attention mostly elsewhere.

Another thing to make it easier to see is if the background color of the bar was a different color at your specified time. What I mean is that if I want to start casting at X seconds remaining, that portion of the bar will be a different color, or be indicated by a line.

It would also be great to be able to freely move the bar to where it’s easier to see.

Even better would be if a hotkey existed that would stop you from being able to cast a spell too early. Hold your stop-hotkey and the heal will not go through before a set amount of time has passed since your last spellcast. Stop holding it and the heal will go through normally, if you don’t have time to wait for the next tick. This way you could stop looking at the timer altogether.


Hi, I tested on the wow classic pre-launch test, and it turns out that the addon cannot show its interface. any idea how to fix this?


I mean, I can see the -help content, but the countdown bar is nowhere to find.


fixed by typing /fsr unlock. But when I typed /fsr lock, the frame went off.


every time i enter a load screen i got the /fsr help posted to my chat. any way i can stop this ?


Great addon, added lines to change the frame strata to Background (you can see why here : , did this clip to show your addon to a friend)


I love this addon, however Blessing of Wisdom (and, I imagine, any other mp5 related stuff) screws up the mana tick bar. It resets the tick every time the mp5 kicks in.
Personally, I’d like the option for an additional mana tick bar so in total, one that tracks spirit regen and one that tracks mp5. Essentially one would be ticking every 2 sec and another every 5 sec, I guess.
Alternatively, just not having it reset the tick every mp5 update would also be acceptable imo.


I cant make this addon show in my lists of addons. I do have other addons installed and they work (most of the time) but this one doesn’t and doesn’t show in the list of addons I have installed. Any idea how to fix this? I am copping the “FiveSecondRule-master” folder inside my “D:\World of Warcraft\_classic_\Interface\AddOns” folder. Am I doing something wrong?


I downloaded the version from and it worked… Don’t know what the issue was (I tried renaming the folder name to a simple “FiveSecondRule” too) but now it works if I just copy the “FiveSecondRule” folder. The content is the same so idk what the problem was.


Love the addon but I would love a fix around the mana ticks and mana spring totem. Mana spring totem grants mana every 2 seconds independently of 5-second rule mana regen, but since the trigger for the addon is ‘gaining mana’, it breaks the usefulness of the mana ticks bar. In my opinion it would be great if the mana ticks were only triggered by spending mana and then ticked every 2 seconds after that.

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