This addon adds a bunch of UI quality of life changes. It also includes custom textures and clean icons specifically for Classic.


  • Classic clean icons (deleted excess icons)
  • Dark frames and textures (props to Lorti UI)
  • Minimalistic cast bar with timer
  • ActionBar tweaks (out of range red indicator, SnowfallKeyPress key down animation).
    /hhk to hide action bar keybins, /hmn to hide macros names
  • Error filter (filters out spamming red errors)
  • Show various player spell aler (resist, immune, miss)
  • Player/Target/ToT frames tweaks (custom in-combat indicators, class colors, player class icon as portrait, etc.)
  • Chat tweaks (hide unnecessary stuff, class colored names, URL copy)
  • System stats (fps, ping, addon usage) + Gold tracker (left mouse button + ALT to move frames)
  • /align to toggle grid overlay, helps in aligning UI elements
  • Custom tooltip
  • Auto hide raid manager (hover to show), smooth raid frames textures
  • Disable death, glow FFX CVars
  • Shaman blue color, class colored friendly nameplates
  • Minimap, chat scroll with mouse wheel
  • AutoDismount (needs testing), AutoSkipCinematics, AutoVendorGrays
  • Configurable target, player, buff, debuff, minimap, castbar frames positions
    /frames unlock to start dragging
    /frames lock to stop repositioning

To install, unpack the .zip file into your World of Warcraft_classic_ game folder.

To open Options screen, type /scripts in chat or navigate to Interface->Addons->Scripts section

Antonilzui Wow Classic Ui Addon Enemy Nameplates 10Unitframes 10Options 10Goldtracker 10Party 10

Fix missing Target of Target
Add world map class colored blips
Adjust unit frames textures
Add high resolution icons
Fix class colored target hp bar

Fix target buffs on top option, make buffs border darker
Add reposition mode (/frames unlock and /frames lock)
Move target level text
Fix target of target portrait size
Add class colored option (WIP)
Make auras smaller
Fix target backdrop color

Fix CastingBar position

Add Options screen
Allow dragging system stats+gold tracker frame
Add big target frames option
Add show player name/level option
Add WorldMap party/raid members colored blips

Add gold tracker after stats frame
Fix player HP center text positioning

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How to make buffs and debuffs on target smaller?


You’re awesome, loving the addon. Thank you!


This addon is sex dude, thanks for making it and sharing. 🙂

Any chance we can put this on the twitch app so we can all automatically get updates?


I updated my ui because there seemed to be an issue where sometimes it wouldn’t show target of target. HOwever in the new version, enemy health bars are a dark red and kind of hard to see where before they were green. Any chance to get an option to change it back? Or is there an option I am not seeing? Thanks!


What did you do to fix the target of target issue? I have that issue where sometimes it doesn’t show either.


I’m not sure the new update even fixed it, I reverted back to the old version so I could see enemy health better. I was just kind of hoping it was fixed. I’ve talked to fellow guildies and some of them are having the issue with default ui so it may be an issue on blizzards end.


When i unlock frames and move them, I then lock the frames. Once I relog, the frames will move back to Original positions. Any way to keep frames where we moved them to?


Hi! Really like the addon but was wondering if the inability to darken the chat box’s transparency was deliberate or a bug? The option is there but does nothing for me.


Really enjoying this UI! 🙂

Only thing I am missing are HP and mana in numbers and % for party members and targets. Is there some kind of workaround to get that while keeping the UI as is? I’d rather not switch to Perl or Luna etc.


For me the castbar number countdown has a second number underneath it, not sure if its something on my end or a bug. Any idea on what to do?


hi , love the mod.

do you think you could add more functionality to customize the tooltip? i like having level on there and i don’t necessarily need guild info on there, nor the [Ho] tag after enemy players (which I assuming means hostile?).

thanks for your hard work!


That would be great, UP


awesome addon. I love the black theme of modui with the thicc hp frames


Not sure if it’s just me but with the newest version my cast bar doesn’t work. Any ideas?


Awesome, that is working for me. Thank you!


how to remove red indicator ?


Hello, your addon is great but i have two requests:

1 We don’t see our level on the profil unless we are the target.
2 My battlenet icons disapears on the chat is it normal?

Thanks for your great job!


How to remove auto sell vendors


Many thanks, you have done a very great job !


Hey, is there a reason why when I download the addon it doesn’t show up on my “Addon list” in-game? Thank’s.


SnowfallKeyPress key down animation? Is this feature essentially the same as the vanilla snowfall addon?


Question is – does it work like Snowfall addon, by so mean that it cast spell while push down the button not when release. Also would be nice to add a little black border to enemies health bars above heads. If you can implement to it something like old Plate Buffs (debuffs with timers above head of enemy – above healthbars from CTRL + V keybind, think this addon would be top!). Anyway great work!


When I install your addon, my castbars are gone. tried deleting my cache and WTF folder but wont pop up. Tried adding classic castbars but even then they are gone. When I turn this addon off, It’s back and visible. What can I do to fix this ? Love the style of your work so much but i need a castbar.. 🙂


How do i show the number values on the health and mana bar?


I found that the best way of fixing the castbar was to remove the LUA from the scripts folder, hope this is of some help


The new version doesn’t have errors anymore and is working for me.


was unable to find this new version, it just downloaded the old version for me


Buffs on Target frame are overlapping the actual frame and oversized. Disabled all other addons and it still persists. Any idea?


comment image
no custom UI scale set


yea, it seems to fix when turning this off. I can play with them under if needed, is there a way to fix it whilst on top?


awesome. thanks for the help.


I cant move the castbar, if I delete the Castbar.lua from the addon folder I get one that will attach to the frame only but not a stand alone cast bar what can I do?


Awesome Addon!!! I’ve been using it the past couple days and I love the look and feel. Great work.

A few things I noticed that I can live with but could be fixed:
Cast bar for professions/quest items not showing up. When looting quest items the cast bar doest show, also when using profession casts, like creating bandages I get no cast bars.

There is a colored bar underneath the hp bar of your target, the player unit frame is perfect, but the target seems to have the nameplate health bar color somehow behind the hp bar, still works fine just could look better without it. Sorry i dont have a screen shot to explain this better.

Target of target unlockable and resizable.

Party frames resizable.


where can I find the updated version with the working cast bars?


How can i remove the annoying shine effect from bars when clicking a spell? i play rogue and its glowing like mofo..


im looking for only this animation for classic, didnt find anything else than your addon here. could you maybe upload an addon specifically for this? would really appreciate it!

Ludwig Wallin

I also just rly want the animation, nothing else! 🙂


Don’t know if it is a bug or not, but under the health color in portrait bars there is always a bar colored depend on enemy floating health bar color. I mean, if enemies hp goes down, that one still is in the background. Think would be nice to delete this.


Hey there sir! Loving the ui, although one slight problem: i would like to config the tooltip more to my liking. If i use another tooltip addon (tinytooltip/tiptactoe) my castbar goes missing. And can’t use another castbar addon either. Any help? Thanks in advance.


Only one thing prevents me from using this. its basicly everything im looking for EXEPT the player frame has that green color instead of being class colored 🙁 is it possible to add an option to choose if you want green as your health or class color?


how do I move the player and enemy frames? I’ve right clicked and unlocked frames but I cant move them around


I love this design – but before i download it – is there a way now (or in the future) to have the lvl and name on the Playerframe.. ?


This has already been added I believe.

Szilagyi Gábor

Hi i got this bug every time, any ideas?


Is there a way to make the debuff not so big? Also it is possible to make the debuff on top of the frame without overlapping and messing up? Also, is there a way to make the player frame exactly like the target frame? Without the HP bar being so high and with a class bar above, just like the target frame


Also, is there a way to make the buff not so much to the left? Seems a bit off


Any way to see your own mana-bar while shapeshifted? Ie cat form.


previously player frame got buggy when you tried to make it look regular like the target frame
as well as target frame got buggy healthi deficit animation when you tried to make it thick to match player frame.
is it fixed now? this was literally my only issue with the UI


nvm the first question I disabled all cachce and it works.
I have another issue I forgot about:
auras below target frame are too big and whats more they are placed below the frame. Is it possible to shrink them a bit and add option to move the top off the bar?
i’m pretty sure I used an addon that did that (or was it game functionality) but it made the auras just buggy and blend in with the whole target frame when using your addon.


im trying to move the frames but the left alt+dragging doesnt work. also is there a way to make the portraits and mini map bigger ?


>drag unit frames, castbar, minimap

yes! thank you!


Any chance to add in options for toggling certain UI on/off, like the minimap, borders, chat text position, error filter messages?


Also, if someone has a guild, hovering above them won’t show their player level


Hey there quick question, I was wondering if it is possible to use the default casting bar with your addon. And if there is a way to change the buff icons to a smaller size.


Can you make the lvl numbers bigger or thiccer ? They are so tiny i can barely see them


Hey, I installed the addon but all my icons are way too big, how do I change the size of it?


installing the addon worked fine, but when i want to move my stuff with /align i can only move my map arround
what can i do? i want to move a bit more ^^

JP Spirridon

Great looking UI!

Allthough, is there any options for chat? My main problem is i can no longer change the colour/transparency on my chat window. What file should I remove otherwise to go with the normal blizzard chat-window?

Thanks for your work!

JP Spirridon

Also, is there a way to change the size of player/target-frames without changing the entire scale of my UI?


Possible to remove the classicon from my portrait and my target? I want to see my character instead


Also, is it possible to not have darkframe on rare/elite mobs? I want the classic gold/silver frames on those 😀


How do I reposition the player castbar? I want it anchored under my player frame like the target castbar is anchored under the target frame, currently its just in the middle of the screen overlapping with my unit frames.


Also, in extension, is there a way to constantly show the health / mana / rage / energy values on the player frame? Currently there’s just my frame with two bars, no indication of my exact HP value etc.


2 Problems.
– How the heck do I move the unitframes? Tried everything.
– Also I want to be able to move the castbar.

Other than that I love the UI. Also it seems my UI-version is having a hard time to remember that my playerframe is supposed to be class colored.


Since last update I can’t move the frames anymore?


Hey, could you make a separate addon for Snowfall? I would just like to use the flashing part of this addon.

Hello, Thanks for the UI.

Ive been using it since the launch of classic and noticed my taunt resist messages are no longer announcing in say. I am still seeing the notification at the top of my screen like when an ability misses but it doesn’t announce. I don’t know if something changed from an update to classic wow that broke it or why it stopped working around the middle of last week. I really loved the taunt resist announcement so my party is aware, if you can possibly help guide me into why it stopped working.

The only thing I could think of is I created multiple chat windows separating normal chat from world/lfg/im. I am not a coder, so I am just looking at your code and trying to guess what could have caused it to stop working. Sometimes I can figure out how to change or fix things from trail/error but I’m just grasping at straws here.

Worst part is there is no practice dummy’s to reliably test taunt resist on so I mainly notice it when I am tanking and a taunt resist at the worst time possible. Thank you for your support and great work! It has made the launch of classic that much more enjoyable having a great UI to play along with.


Amazing UI, Love it! Couldn’t imagine playing without it anymore!

Only things I’d love to see configurable is the blacked out elite border (I think some people prefer the gold) and also the sizes of buffs/debuffs on both yourself and your target.

Thank you so much for this 🙂


Hi, I installed this today and it seems that my castbar always stop working after a fresh install. It turns into a big solid yellow line that has no movement at all. I reinstall and it worked for a few cast and then back to solid yellow line without timer or aynthing. Its a great UI and I would like to fix that small problem.


Hello there, I love this AddOn,
But I can’t say any castbar on the enemy target (NPC or Player), and this actually is driving me crazy.


This is by far best UI addon out there – I also LOVE the missed taunt announcements , its so helpful. I was wondering if you noticed this addon causing target of target to be missing sometimes? If so, any chance for a fix? Thanks 🙂


I am getting the same thing and was wondering if anyone knew how to fix it


I tried to look in the addon files and found that the variable in question is ‘TargetFrameToT’ but I know absolutely nothing about creating addons nor LUA so I couldn’t figure out how to tweak it to fix. Also the fact that it’s ‘sometimes’ missing makes it even harder for me to even begin to pinpoint where the issue is. Hopefully Antonliz can save us D:


All good but my buff icons are way to big is there a way how to get it small (standart)?


Nice UI addon tbh, although, there’re some bugs, appearance wise, if you click a non-elite unit afterwards all of the target elites are having a portrait surrounded by a black dragon, which in my opinion looks rather off, also could we get the portrait of the said target without the bold black outer layer, if dark mode ain’t selected.

Also as you’ve stated before, there’s a bug with target of target usually not seen when entering a dungeon or raid.

Cheers again for it.


Heya, love your addon pack, been using it since release non-stop. Only thing I would like to change is the ability to add a background on the chat box to make reading the text easier. For whatever reason, changing the levers of the colour and density in the colour picker popup doesnt result in any change. Is there a way to fiddle around with options that are hidden from the addon menu?


Any Chance i can get the Snowfall keypress animation without downloading the whole thing? ive looked for it everywhere


Hey, fantastic looking interface, I really love the style of the unit frames.
Are the unit frames an stand alone addon?
Second question is, when I install the pack, my target buffs and debuffs are dark, I have seen in the Screenshots yours are not dark, I like in my class color?


hey antonliz, how to make debuffs/buffs icons smaller
also on target
other than that everything is gucci


Hey, I have recently gotten the issue that the addon makes the game lag a lot when there is a lot of players on the screen (raids or bgs) is there gonna be any update to fix this issue? Right now I have to temporary remove the addon when raiding or doing large scale battles.

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