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Naxxramas PTR is now up – it might be released sooner than expected

Posted by TaladrilOctober 7, 2020

With today’s blue post we can see that the Naxxramas PTR has officially been opened to the public. Raid testing will be allowed at scheduled times to minimize bugs but also not allow too much guild practice. With the rel…

Shadowlands has been delayed. Will it affect Classic?

Posted by TaladrilOctober 2, 2020

Blizzard has announced today that Shadowlands, their newest expansion will be delayed to an undetermined date. It could potentially slip to the end of the year. With the presales listing December 31st as the official dat…

BlizzConline scheduled for February 19-20

Posted by TaladrilSeptember 22, 2020

We finally have a date set for this year’s Blizzcon. As you probably know, Blizzcon is going to be different this year because of Covid. Blizzard has opted to not cancel the event, but to have it entirely virtually. But…

Wow Classic Naxxramas Raid Guide
WoW Classic Naxxramas Raid Guide

Posted by FuriousMay 19, 2020

Welcome to our raid guide for Naxxramas in WoW Classic! Naxxramas is located in Eastern Plaguelands and is the final raid of WoW Classic, home to Kel’Thuzad and his army. This 40 main raid is massive, featuring 15 bosses…

Classic WoW Hallow's End Guide
WoW Classic Hallow’s End Guide

Posted by OrinDacMay 5, 2020

Hallow’s End is one of the most popular holiday events within the game of World of Warcraft – both in the retail version and in WoW Classic.  It’s patterned heavily after the real world celebration of All Hallow’s Eve, o…

Wow Classic Midsummer Fire Festival Guide
WoW Classic Midsummer Fire Festival Guide

Posted by OrinDacApril 18, 2020

The Midsummer Fire Festival is an event that celebrates the hottest times of year, taking place then as well.  The event starts on the real world Summer Solstice and generally lasts for about a week.  During this time, p…

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