Second source confirms Naxx in December, TBC beta in March!

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Nano from the Nostalrius project tweeted today that he has again gotten the same rumor for the release schedule of Naxxramas and TBC. Naxxramas is still pegged at early December with TBC following shortly in March. With his emphasis on MAY twice in the post it is possible that May will be the release date for TBC.

This is the second rumor from Nano so far, the first Naxx/TBC rumor came back on the 9th of Sept when we wrote about it. Assuming this is correct, we should expect to see an official announcement at Blizzconline (Blizzards online Blizzcon event) that’s scheduled for February 19-20th.

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Long time Classic WoW fan, I've had more fun building tools for the game than actually playing it.
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I wonder what patch they will use for TBC. If they use 2.4.3 won’t the content be very easy?


The content in classic is a joke so wouldbt be surprised


It’ll be easy anyway until sunwell.The only pre-nerf bosses before that that i could see giving anyone trouble is Gruul or Vashj, but I’m certain they’ll all be in their final iterations and much easier than they were at release.


It was never hard. Ever. We were just bad. Even now, my hardest job is NOT topping the tanks in threat. Doesn’t diminish the nostalgia or entertainment for those that enjoy it.


May I recommend to play the game differently, examples:
Try hardcore mode
Role-playing Server
Try a new class (and enjoy the adventures of leveling)
Install UIs that boosts the immersion

Bob Dole

I concur. The raid content is as hard as it was back then but people are optimally geared and the best strats are stamped out. You listen to stories from people from that time and people full cleared MC with Fire Resist gear on DPS and Tanks were Prot in Tier Gear.

I’m curious if blizzard will split servers in two.


It was a lot harder before 1.12 itemization and the updated talents, in addition to a lot of bosses requiring nerfs. It’s actually uncomparable to Classic, since we started in 1.12 with the post-nerf versions of everything, it’s a joke. You obviously did not play vanilla.


Im waiting for BFA Classic, cant wait.

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