Profession Faction Recipes (TBC 2.4.3)

Burning Crusade Faction Recipes (tbc 2.4.3)

Professions are one of the most fun aspects of Classic WoW: Burning Crusade.  Their also, for most players, one of the the main sources of high level gear and consumables in the entire game.  Whether you’re crafting a weapon to use in combat with Blacksmithing, or constructing some new Engineering marvel to give you a secret edge, professions are often the best place to find really decent equipment.  The trouble is, finding the recipes to craft that equipment isn’t always so easy.  Some of the best recipes can only be acquired from factions, and by gaining enough reputation with those factions that they will sell you the recipe you need.  But, which factions sell which recipes and how long will you have to spend grinding rep to get your desired recipe?

Below you can find a list of faction recipes for different professions in World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade. We’ve collected each recipe, the faction required, how much reputation is required, skill level requirements, and the price for each recipe.


Recipe Name Faction Required Skill Price
Elixir of Major Agility Honored (Honor Hold/Thrallmar) 330 5g
Transmute Skyfire Diamond Honored (Honor Hold/Thrallmar) 350 8g
Transmute Primal Earth to Water Revered (Sporeggar) Price: 25 Glowcaps. 350
Shrouding Potion Exalted (Sporeggar) Price: 30 Glowcaps. 335
Transmute Earthstorm Diamond Honored (Cenarion Expedition) 350 8g
Transmute Primal Water to Air Revered (Cenarion Expedition) 350 8g
Major Nature Protection Potion Exalted (Cenarion Expedition) 360 10g
Flask of Distilled Wisdom Exalted (Cenarion Expedition) 300 4g
Transmute Primal Fire to Earth Revered (Kurenai) 350 8g
Elixir of Major Firepower Revered (Scryers) 345 6g
Elixir of Major Shadow Power Revered (Lower City) 350 8g
Flask of Chromatic Resistance Exalted (Lower City) 300 4g
Transmute Primal Air to Fire Revered (The Sha’tar) 350 8g
Alchemist’s Stone Revered (The Sha’tar) 350 8g
Flask of the Titans Exalted (The Sha’tar) 300 4g


Recipe Name Faction Required Skill Price
Felsteel Shield Spike Exalted (Honor Hold/Thrallmar) 360 6g
Adamantite Sharpening Stone Honored (Cenarion Expedition) 350 6g
Adamantite Weightstone Honored (Cenarion Expedition) 350 6g
Greater Rune of Warding Honored (Cenarion Expedition) 350 6g
Wildguard Helm Revered (Cenarion Expedition) 375 24g
Wildguard Leggings Revered (Cenarion Expedition) 375 24g
Wildguard Breastplate Exalted (Cenarion Expedition) 375 24g
Flamebane Bracers Friendly (Aldor) 350 6g
Flamebane Gloves Honored (Aldor) 360 6g
Flamebane Breastplate Revered (Aldor) 365 8g
Flamebane Helm Exalted (Aldor) 355 6g
Enchanted Adamantite Belt Friendly (Scryers) 355 6g
Enchanted Adamantite Boots Honored (Scryers) 355 6g
Enchanted Adamantite Breastplate Revered (Scryers) 360 6g
Enchanted Adamantite Leggings Exalted (Scryers) 365 8g


Recipe Name Faction Required Skill Price
Enchant Bracer: Superior Healing Friendly (Honor Hold/Thrallmar) 325 6g
Enchant Chest: Exceptional Stats Revered (Honor Hold/Thrallmar) 345 6g
Enchant Gloves: Spell Strike Revered (Cenarion Expedition) 360 8g
Enchant Cloak: Spell Penetration Friendly (The Consortium) 325 4g
Enchant Gloves: Major Healing Honored (The Sha’tar) 350 6g
Enchant Weapon: Major Healing Revered (The Sha’tar) 350 6g
Enchant Ring: Healing Power Revered (The Sha’tar) 370 10g


Recipe Name Faction Required Skill Price
Green Smoke Flare Friendly (Cenarion Expedition) 335 6g


Recipe Name Faction Required Skill Price
Enduring Deep Peridot Friendly (Honor Hold/Thrallmar) 315 6g
Dawnstone Crab Revered (Honor Hold/Thrallmar) 370 12g
Figurine – Nightseye Panther Revered (Cenarion Expedition) 370 12g
The Natural Ward Exalted (Cenarion Expedition) 375 12g
Gleaming Golden Draenite Friendly (Aldor) 305 5g
Royal Shadow Draenite Honored (Aldor) 305 5g
Pendant of Shadow’s End Revered (Aldor) 360 12g
Runed Blood Garnet Friendly (Scryers) 315 6g
Dazzling Deep Peridot Honored (Scryers) 325 6g
Pendant of Withering Revered (Scryers) 360 12g
Potent Flame Spessarite Friendly (Lower City) 325 6g
Pendant of Thawing Revered (Lower City) 360 12g
Felsteel Boar Revered (Lower City) 370 12g
Insightful Earthstorm Diamond Friendly (The Sha’tar) 365 12g
Ring of Arcane Shielding Honored (The Sha’Tar) 360 12g
Luminous Flame Spessarite Friendly (The Consortium) 305 5g
Shifting Shadow Draenite Friendly (The Consortium) 315 6g
Thick Golden Draenite Honored (The Consortium) 315 6g
Delicate Blood Garnet Honored (The Consortium) 325 6g
Lustrous Azure Moonstone Honored (The Consortium) 325 6g
Swift Skyfire Diamond Honored (The Consortium) 365 12g
Pendant of the Null Rune Revered (The Consortium) 360 12g
The Frozen Eye Honored (The Violet Eye) 375 12g


Recipe Name Faction Required Skill Price
Felstalker Belt Friendly (Honor Hold/Thrallmar) 350 12g
Cobrahide Leg Armor Honored (Honor Hold/Thrallmar) 335 6g
Felstalker Bracers Honored (Honor Hold/Thrallmar) 360 16g
Felstalker Breastplate Honored (Honor Hold/Thrallmar) 360 16g
Nethercobra Leg Armor Exalted (Honor Hold/Thrallmar) 365 12g
Heavy Clefthoof Boots Friendly (Cenarion Expedition) 355 14g
Clefthide Leg Armor Honored (Cenarion Expedition) 335 6g
Heavy Clefthoof Leggings Honored (Cenarion Expedition) 355 14g
Heavy Clefthoof Vest Honored (Cenarion Expedition) 360 16g
Nethercleft Leg Armor Exalted (Cenarion Expedition) 365 12g
Blastguard Belt Honored (Aldor) 350 8g
Flamescale Belt Honored (Aldor) 350 8g
Vindicator’s Armor Kit Revered (Aldor) 325 5g
Flamescale Boots Revered (Aldor) 350 8g
Blastguard Boots Revered (Aldor) 350 8g
Blastguard Pants Exalted (Aldor) 350 8g
Flamescale Leggings Exalted (Aldor) 350 8g
Enchanted Clefthoof Boots Honored (Scryers) 350 8g
Enchanted Felscale Gloves Honored (Scryers) 350 8g
Magister’s Armor Kit Revered (Scryers) 325 5g
Enchanted Felscale Boots Revered (Scryers) 350 8g
Enchanted Clefthoof Gloves Revered (Scryers) 350 8g
Enchanted Felscale Leggings Exalted (Scryers) 350 8g
Enchanted Clefthoof Leggings Exalted (Scryers) 350 8g
Drums of Battle Exalted (The Sha’Tar) 365 12g
Netherfury Belt Friendly (Kurenai) 340 12g
Reinforced Mining Bag Honored (Kurenai) 325 5g
Netherfury Leggings Honored (Kurenai) 340 12g
Netherfury Boots Revered (Kurenai) 350 12g
Fel Leather Gloves Friendly (The Consortium) 340 12g
Fel Leather Boots Honored (The Consortium) 350 14g
Fel Leather Leggings Revered (The Consortium) 350 14g


Recipe Name Faction Required Skill Price
Flameheart Bracers Friendly (Aldor) 350 6g
Silver Spellthread Honored (Aldor) 335 6g
Flameheart Gloves Honored (Aldor) 360 8g
Flameheart Vest Exalted (Aldor) 370 10g
Golden Spellthread Exalted (Aldor) 375 36g
Mystic Spellthread Honored (Scryers) 335 6g
Runic Spellthread Exalted (Scryers) 375 36g
Cloak of Arcane Evasion Honored (Lower City) 350 6g
Bag of Jewels Honored (The Consortium) 340 4g
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