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Second source confirms Naxx in December, TBC beta in March!

Posted by TaladrilSeptember 22, 2020

Nano from the Nostalrius project tweeted today that he has again gotten the same rumor for the release schedule of Naxxramas and TBC. Naxxramas is still pegged at early December with TBC following shortly in March. With…

BlizzConline scheduled for February 19-20

Posted by TaladrilSeptember 22, 2020

We finally have a date set for this year’s Blizzcon. As you probably know, Blizzcon is going to be different this year because of Covid. Blizzard has opted to not cancel the event, but to have it entirely virtually. But…

Tbc Classic This Is How Blizzard Should Release It
TBC Classic: This is How Blizzard Should Release It

Posted by FuriousJuly 11, 2020

WoW Classic has now been out for almost a year, and as we get closer and closer to the end of that content more and more people are thinking about a Classic release of The Burning Crusade. While TBC Classic news has been…

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