Blacksmithing Guide 1-375 (TBC 2.4.3)

Blacksmithing Guide 1 375 TBC 2.4.3

Blacksmithing is one of the most valuable professions in all of WoW. It allows players to craft their own mail and plate armor as well as one and two-handed maces, axes, and swords. While in Vanilla, Blacksmiths were able to craft a number of high-value, endgame recipes, Blizzard has chosen to greatly expanded that in TBC. Once Blacksmiths cap, they’ll be able to begin sequences that end in crafting gear like Bulwark of Ancient Kings and Embrace of the Twisting Nether or weapons like Bloodmoon, Dragonstrike, and Blazefury as well as a vast number of BoE epics like Oathkeeper’s Helm and Hammer of Righteous Might.

To complement this, Blizzard has added to the existing specializations, Armorsmithing and Weaponsmithing. The value of Armorsmithing has increased, and Weaponsmithing has gained three sub-specializations to choose from: Axesmithing, Hammersmithing, and Swordsmithing. Check the Specializations section below to find out more.

Most smiths choose Mining as their gathering profession, as Blacksmithings huge potential can also come with a huge price tag, if you choose to buy your materials on the AH. This combination is suitable for most classes that wear Mail and Plate armor, regardless of spec, though it is especially beneficial for Tanks and Melee DPS.

Training Blacksmithin


Since Patch 2.3 Blizzard has streamlined the process for training most professions. As a result, trainers in any major capital can teach you from Apprentice through Artisan. Because the only recipes you’ll need to acquire before heading to Outlands are in Gadgetzan, it would be the most advantageous to train in a capital in Kalimdor if you’re power leveling, but this isn’t required.


Once you cross through the Dark Portal, the Master Blacksmithing trainers will be in your faction’s first outpost in Hellfire Peninsula. This means Alliance smiths will need to find Humphry in Honor Hold, and Horde players will speak with Rohok at Thrallmar.

There are also additional trainers from both the Aldor and Scryers once you reach Shattrath. In Aldor’s Rise, any player with the appropriate reputation can learn from Onodo, and Barien will do the same in the Scryer’s Tier.

Required Materials


*only needed if you are unable to find Plans: Mithril Spurs

* inclusive of Thorium needed for necessary quest turn-ins







Leveling Blacksmithing

1 – 25: Rough Sharpening Stone

25 – 65: Rough Grinding Stone

After you’ve ground enough stones to reach at least skill level 50, go train Journeyman.

65 – 75: Coarse Sharpening Stone

75 – 100: Coarse Grinding Stone

100 – 105: Silver Rod

105 – 125: Rough Bronze Leggings

Once you’ve completed making the leggings, return to a trainer to learn Expert.

125 – 150: Heavy Grinding Stone

150 – 155: Golden Rod

155 – 185: Green Iron Leggings

185 – 200: Golden Scale Bracers

200 – 210: Solid Grinding Stone

210 – 215: Golden Scale Bracers

215 – 235: Steel Plate Helm

When you’ve finished forging your helms, you’ll have enough skill to become an Artisan Blacksmith.

The path between 235 and 275 offers you a number of choices. The most efficient is to craft Mithril Spurs. To do so, you’ll need Plans: Mithril Spurs, a rare world drop. If you have not found it yourself or do not feel like trying to farm for it, you can search the Auction House. If it is unavailable, there are still other options available.

235 – 250: Mithril Spurs

250 – 260: Dense Sharpening Stone

260 – 275: Mithril Spurs


235 – 250: Mithril Coif

250 – 260: Dense Sharpening Stone

260 – 270: Mithril Coif

To continue in either path, you’ll need to earn Plans: Imperial Plate Bracers. To do so, find Derotain Mudsipper in Gadgetzan, Tanaris and take the quest Imperial Plate Bracer. This will require you to bring simply him 10x Thorium Bar, and then you receive the plan. If you have the extra bars, this is also a good time to complete the Imperial Plate Boots quest in order to get Plans: Imperial Plate Boots for later.

270/275 – 295: Imperial Plate Bracers 

After you’ve finished crafting the bracers, you can cross through the Dark Portal and become a Master Blacksmith! For the first few levels, however, you’ll still be crafting Vanilla recipes in order to maximize the more easily gathered materials, so hold onto your Thorium Bar for a bit longer.

295 – 315: Imperial Plate Boots

315 – 320: Fel Iron Chain Gloves

320 – 325: Fel Iron Chain Tunic

325 – 330: Lesser Rune of Warding

330 – 340: Fel Iron Chain Tunic

Before continuing, you’ll need to purchase Plans: Lesser Ward of Shielding. It can be bought by Alliance players from Mari Stonehand at Wildhammer Stronghold in Shadowmoon Valley and by Horde players from Rohok at Thrallmar. This is also a good time for all players to purchase Plans: Adamantite Weightstone from Feydryen Swiftspear at Cenarion Hold in Zangarmarsh. The Weighstone Plans require you to be Honored with the Cenarion Expedition to purchase.

340 – 350: Lesser Ward of Shielding

350 – 360: Adamantite Weightstone

From 360 – 375, your path to capping will depend on whether you have reputation with the Aldor or the Scryers, as the most efficient crafting patterns are purchased from their Quartermasters.


For the Aldor, you’ll have to be at least Revered to finish leveling. When you’ve reached Honored, you’ll need to purchase Plans: Flamebane Gloves from Quartermaster Endarin in Shattrath, and when you get to Revered, you’ll buy Plans: Flamebane Breastplate.

360 – 370: Flamebane Gloves

370 – 375: Flamebane Breastplate


To cap with the Scryers, you’ll also need to reach Revered reputation. While you only need to be Friendly with them to purchase the Plans: Enchanted Adamantite Belt from Quartermaster Enuril in Shattrath, you’ll need to reach Revered to purchase the Plans: Enchanted Adamantite Breastplate. While it may be unbalanced, the Scryers path costs significantly more than the Aldor path to complete.

360 – 370: Enchanted Adamantite Belt

370 – 375: Enchanted Adamantite Breastplate

And you’ve capped! Congratulations! Continue reading to find out about the benefits of each specialization and to see a comprehensive list of Endgame BoE recipes.



To become an Armorsmith, you’ll begin by taking The Art of the Armorsmith quest from either Grumnus Steelshaper in Ironforge or Okothos Ironrager in Orgrimmar. Regardless of faction, this will require you to craft:

In total, the materials needed to craft that are:

After handing those in, you’ll become an Armorsmith and will be able to craft unique, high-level mail and plate gear which Weaponsmiths cannot. Check below for the high-level recipes!


To become a Weaponsmith, you need to begin The Way of the Weaponsmith quest. Horde players will need to find Borgosh Corebender in Orgrimmar, and Alliance smiths will need to speak with Ironus Coldsteel in Ironforge. Regardless of faction, all smiths will need to craft:

In total, the materials for those are:

Once you hand all of those in, you’ll become a Weaponsmith and be able to craft specialized Axes, Maces, and Swords.

In TBC, Blizzard has expanded the Weaponsmith specialization to include three sub-specilizations: Swordsmithing, Hammersmithing, and Axesmithing. These do not require the additional completion of any quests and can be learned from a group of NPCs in Everlook, Winterspring.

Each has distinct advantages in the Weaponsmithing specialization, and you can check the list below to see which recipes will suit your needs best.

Endgame Blacksmithing

In TBC, the recipes for Armorsmithing and Weaponsmithing successively. For each specialization this means that players will have to make each piece in a tiered fashion, using the current item as material for the next. So, for example, to create the Bulwark of Ancient Kings as an Armorsmith, you must first create Breastplate of Kings, then combine that with additional materials to make the Bulwark of Kings, and then finally combining the Bulwark with even more materials to create the Bulwark of Ancient Kings.

Each of these crafting chains is learned from your Armor or Weaponsmithing trainers.



Next are the lists of BoP and BoE plans that all smiths are able to make. In TBC Blizzard has added an unprecedented number of plans for BoE epics, so there are plenty of opportunities to make a good deal of profit for players who are willing to invest their time or gold into acquiring them. For BoE items specifically, there will be multiple zones, dungeons, and raids that they can be found in, unless otherwise specified. The list following that is made up of recipes you can only purchase after having met reputation requirements with certain factions. Click through the plans in each list to find the specifics for the item of your choice.



Reputation Rewards

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