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Rumors Suggest Naxx In December, Tbc Classic Beta In Q1 2021
Rumors Suggest Naxx in December, TBC Classic Beta in Q1 2021

Posted by FuriousSeptember 9, 2020

Former core team member from the Nostalrius Project today posted on Twitter that he’s been hearing some rumors around a Naxxramas release in December, with a TBC Classic Beta rolling out in Q1 of next year. Haven’t confi…

Ahn'qiraj War Effort Ironforge
Automatic Turn-Ins for Ahn’Qiraj War Effort Bugfix Applied for Low Pop Realms

Posted by FuriousSeptember 4, 2020

Blizzard CM Kaivax posted a few moments ago that they have applied a bugfix noticed by players that was causing the automatic turn ins on lower population realms to not start. With the new fix in place those servers will…

Wow Classic 1 Year Anniversary
WoW Classic 1 Year Anniversary: A Year in Review

Posted by TaladrilAugust 27, 2020

It’s officially been a year since WoW Classic released and what a year it’s been. With AQ out on almost every server we are well past the halfway point and looking towards the the conclusion of the Classic journey. But h…

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