Naxxramas PTR is now up – it might be released sooner than expected

Posted by TaladrilOctober 7, 2020

With today’s blue post we can see that the Naxxramas PTR has officially been opened to the public. Raid testing will be allowed at scheduled times to minimize bugs but also not allow too much guild practice. With the rel…

Shadowlands has been delayed. Will it affect Classic?

Posted by TaladrilOctober 2, 2020

Blizzard has announced today that Shadowlands, their newest expansion will be delayed to an undetermined date. It could potentially slip to the end of the year. With the presales listing December 31st as the official dat…

Tbc Portal
Second source confirms Naxx in December, TBC beta in March!

Posted by TaladrilSeptember 22, 2020

Nano from the Nostalrius project tweeted today that he has again gotten the same rumor for the release schedule of Naxxramas and TBC. Naxxramas is still pegged at early December with TBC following shortly in March. With…

Magtheridon’s Lair Raid Guide (tbc)
Magtheridon’s Lair Raid Guide (TBC)

Posted by FuriousJuly 9, 2020

Welcome to our Magtheridon’s Lair strategy guide for WoW TBC Classic! Magtheridon’s Lair is located in Hellfire Peninsula as part of Hellfire Citadel. It is one of the earliest raids you can encounter and requires level…

Gruul’s Lair Raid Guide (tbc)
Gruul’s Lair Raid Guide (TBC)

Posted by FuriousJuly 9, 2020

Welcome to our TBC Classic strategy guide for Gruul’s Lair! Found in Blade’s Edge Mountains, Gruul’s Lair is one of the first raids you can experience in TBC. It is a 25 man raid of fairly basic difficulty, but it requir…

Tbc Nightbane Strategy Guide (karazhan)
Nightbane Strategy Guide (Karazhan)

Posted by FuriousJuly 7, 2020

Thanks for taking a look at our Burning Crusade Classic strategy guide for Nightbane in Karazhan! While Prince Malchezaar is technically the finally boss in Karazhan, Nightbane is often viewed as the raid’s ultimate enco…

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