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For me, it's running VC. God damn I love me some VC. I'm actually leaning towards Alliance solely because I'll get to run VC a bunch. I barely raided when I played vanilla, as I was 13 or so at the time. Didn't have the discipline. But I ran the lower level dungeons so much, and it was always so much fun. I really disliked WC, looking back, and having run it recently on private servers, I still don't like it.

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EU Ghostlands
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Spending 10 minutes deciding on what talent to take next.
Quiet moments exploring aimlessly for the fun of it.
Getting a quest reward that really benefits my toon.
Meeting awesome people from organic encounters.
Reading quest text.


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US Laughing Skull
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Honestly, what I'm looking forward to the most is being back in a true MMORPG environment. Having things like skill trees, leveling slowly while exploring new areas, not being able to simply queue up for stuff I want to do but manually form the group and physically go to the location. Having to earn skills again and learn them from trainers (such as finding your "totems" in the world for shamans).

I didn't play too much of vanilla (didn't reach the level cap before TBC hit), but it just seems to me like so many RPGs these days are trying to be something they're not. Most don't even have skill trees or specializations anymore, and you just sit in town and queue up for anything you want to do. That and leveling to the max can either be bought, or it is so easy to level to the cap. Nothing prestigious about seeing a high level character walking by anymore.

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Totally agree. Playing in the actual world was everything. My son and I played two Beta accounts in 2004 just prior to release (he was 10!), and had a blast. Then we watched as WoW devolved into a non-game that we grew to despise. Did not play after WotLK except to dabble and complain about how much we hated it.

I know, I sound like a complainer, but the fact is they promised a RvR game at the outset, I completely remember that, and they actually delivered pretty well for a couple of years. Then, it all changed...

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Brokenshield wrote:
1 week ago
Nothing prestigious about seeing a high level character walking by anymore.
This ^ So much this.

The slow rate of progress made achieving max level a lot more satisfying. Seeing grand marshal was even more jawdropping

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I'm looking forward to reading the quest texts without using any quest helper, exploring every single corner of the maps, every little flavour the world has to offer. I wanna do every single dungeon and even every single quest in it, even those that are not worth the trouble. I just wanna appreciate all the love that has been put into this old and imperfect, yet amazing game.

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They claimed I didn't but I did...
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Faendor wrote:
5 days ago
I'm looking forward to reading the quest texts without using any quest helper...
This thing, actually, turns into something special - asking for directions and help in the general chat, getting an answer, chatting with random people along the way and eventually completing a few quests together. This is a true classic experience which is long lost today.

- anno 2005.
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