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The fun thing about Rogues in Vanilla is that despite that one insanely annoying player that keeps rolling you over and over, not all Rogues were capable of playing the class to the level required for PvP dominance. It has a relatively high skill cap to play properly and dedicating yourself to PvP means taking engineering and honing your skills. Even though some Rogues completely dominate that's only if they mastered a relatively complex class and spent the time to create a finely honed weapon that took precision and experience. A bad rogue is hilariously useless in PvP. A good rogue is the stuff of nightmares.
I do not doubt that player skills in MMO gaming has increased, so we will see many deadly rogue, moreso than they were during actual Classic. However, this is equally true for every other class as well. We are going to see ‘sick’ plays from every class in Classic I believe.
This is so true - the min maxing today will be unreal. People have far better access to the learning resources required to play at that level now, and we will definitely see some f***ing annoying rogues around.

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I was thinking one day, that part of original Vanilla experience, which is actually irreversible, is general playerbase being, well, innocently dumb :smile:

2006 looks like kindergarten compared to today's level of theorycrafting, resources and archives available. Literally everything is on the palm of your hand. I'm actually quite interested to find out how it will impact the course of the game. Basically - we're gonna be living in the Back to the Future movie, when everything upcoming is known already.

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Yes and no - sure access to resources is great and all but what about the resources themselves? I can see priv server stuff being kind of relevant but it may need to be rewritten depending on the way blizz decide to handle classic. A lot of good stuff has already disappeared from the net by now

it will still take time for people to learn the game again with all its subtleties

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I've never actually twinked a character in Classic WoW, but after reading this thread it sounds like twinking a rogue would be great fun. Might have to give it a try!

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