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For those who are considering to play a healing class but are wary to roll one either because they are afraid of boring playstyle or simply don't know what to expect from it.
This video should give you an overview of the basics of healing as well as quick insight into each healing class specifically.
I personally found this video very informative and aducational.

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They claimed I didn't but I did...
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I am currently about a third through this vid, and I'm enjoying it a lot! I find it very informative, thanks for sharing! :biggrin:

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I saw this video, too. Good stuff. Ultimately, I don't think raid healing is for me. Healing in dungeons might be more fun. I've seen too many videos of people clicking on name plates in a grid and ignoring the fight for it to be attractive.

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Although there are some flaws in the video, Mustacio even made a correction video to them. E.g. Swiftmend not having Nature's Swiftness's functionality and Rejuvenation and Renew mutually stackable.

They claimed I didn't but I did...
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This is a great video. Thanks for sharing this, dude. I was thinking about rolling healer but I was nervous, and this explains a lot.

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