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I'll just call myself by a name known to my buddies, sorry for the boring post :razz:

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res wrote:
5 months ago
Anything that doesn't break the fourth wall too much is fine by me.
An example for a rogue with bad imagination listed from best to worst:
  • Stabron
  • Stab
  • Stabby
  • Istabyou
  • noobgotstabbed

I guess after "Stabby" is my cut-off point for names that are just "too much"
This list actually goes along the categories of naming a character :smile: The last one is pretty funny though.

I feel that such name as "Noobgotstabbed" would make me somewhat overly-aggressive in the game, comparing with "Stabron" which sounds kind of noble and not pulling into brainless gankfest (corpse camping included).

- anno 2005.
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I generally go for a name which sounds plausible within the universe even if it doesn't actually have a meaning or a use elsewhere. For example, I had a warrior called Reysal as a kind of twist on the more common name Ray or Raymond. I like things to be immersive as much as possible personally, I don't get naming yourself something outlandish it just diminishes it for me.

Also I know I'm reading way too much into this but when rogues have names like "Stabby" something as res previously mentioned it reminds me of the people who are like "Lol u fukn gey with ur rp sht get rekt lel kek"

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I always try and keep names as short as possible, although I'm not totally certain why. I suppose it's partially because I believe that with a shorter name it's easier to remember. For example, if I was selling something in the trade channel that I'd soon have more of, a player may not want to add me as a friend but in an hour or two they'd remember about me and very easily 'w/ Slud' due to it being such a short name.

Another benefit of having a short name is that it looks and sounds great. Having one or two syllables in a name really makes it seem more genuine, and perhaps even more intimidating, if done correctly.

These may be my own thoughts, and perhaps others disagree, but I've always used short names - even though this can prove very difficult at times as shorter names are usually taken.

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