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Flerex wrote:
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forthehorde wrote:
6 months ago
Who knows maybe they'll get to the end of vanilla and then release a TBC xpac? that would be dope
Releasing other expansions would be great as long as they don't remove the other expansions once they release a new one. What I mean is that if they release TBC, at least one Classic server should be left or users would start complaining again. One of my biggest concerns is what would happen once the Vanilla servers stop getting patches or opening all the Vanilla dungeons. The servers wouldn't have any more content so people would end up getting bored.
I think he means like extra servers on top kind of like private wotlk and tbc servers that are definitely out there. But yea I sympathise with your concerns here - it would be a tragedy if some smartass in blizz thought up something like that 😂

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Tol0th wrote:
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TheZhevra wrote:
6 months ago
Man it would suck if it released with none of the bgs
Not for World PvP. If there are no BG's and no dishonorable kills the world is going to turn into a giant BG.

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I think the safest way to do that would be goin with 1.1 to 1.12.1 but with fixes to the game-breaking bugs + weather effects at the start :mrgreen:

Although there are some suggestions of starting with patch 1.1 but with talent and class changes that were made up to 1.12.1 which might make the game more enjoyable for the classes that were kind of useless from the very start such as druids. Imagine bear form with armor bonuses cut in third of the bonus they have at patch 1.12.1 (bears were basically useless even in 5 men dungeons) or not being able to remove slowing/root effects from you when switching forms, while in form not being able to resist polymorph. On the other hand, this alteration might make it lose it's nostalgia feel as it would't be the same game anymore (at least for those who did play the game back in the day).

Interesting look at this topic made by TipsOut:

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1.1 to 1.12, no changes.
This is the only way to have a pure vanilla experience.
Critical bugs/exploits fixed on launch ofc.

If they start on 1.12 they would have to tune all mobs and boss's, because talents/spells are way more powerfull in 1.12 than 1.1.

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Yea I agree. I really don't like the idea of tuning mobs/boss mechanics in order to adjust the difficulty. That would ruin the experience.

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I'm hoping they go with 1.12.1 personally. From experience it seems to be the most reliable and the most fun.

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