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1 week ago (1.13.2)
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Hi! I just got started playing WoW again cuz of Classic ;)

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1 week ago (1.13.2)
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Hey! I'm cooped up inside because of El Coronavirus and figured this was the perfect opportunity to guiltlessly pour some hours into this ineffably magical game that so captivated me when I was a kid and Bush was president.

I think of myself as a Horde guy but I just leveled a Human Paladin up to 15 and I've been having fun. I met lots of kind and friendly people in Westfall today; a few hours ago, I sat with a group of three on the coast under the rays of the lighthouse and we talked about joblessness and money and our attempts to help others in crisis. A useful release valve after hours of pretending to not think about corona.

In my real life I'm an actor and writer with a special interest in Shakespeare and other renaissance artists. I was going to direct my new adaptation of The Witch of Edmonton this May until the shit hit the fan.

I was thinking I might get into RPing as a way of engaging both my acting and writing muscles during my unemployment and newly indoorsy life, and I still like the idea, but it's also been nice to just run around and chat with people. If I can keep my head above water with money and can keep subscribing maybe I'll get back on that idea soon enough.

When I was a teenager I played lots of WoW and wrote lots of message board posts, habits from which I walked away as I got older, but it looks like I'm returning to them now. Time is recursive! Hope you didn't find this message too long. See you around!


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