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  •  Where can I get signature banners?

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5 months ago
The site seems to be a very popular one, if you're looking.
6 months ago
How typical of me. I assumed all topics in that forum were icon packs and didn't look much into it. Thanks! :biggrin:
6 months ago
They're called 'userbars' and just google that and you'll find plenty. If you're handy with graphics, search for a 'userbar template' and you can make your own.

I made a dozen or so for the launch of Barrens Chat if you want a WoW related one - you can find them here in the Loot secion.
6 months ago
First off, I'm sorry if we are not supposed to create posts like this but I had to ask and wanted to ask publicly as someone else might want to know too.

I know they're a little bit old but I completely forgot how they're called and where to get them/how to make them. I'm talking about banners like the one @teebling has in his signature. Is there a way to look for them on the Internet or do I have to build them myself? I just want to be a little fanboy like in the old times. :lol: