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Sadly I haven't experienced Vanilla back in the day but I'm more then hyped for Classic this time!!!
Considering WOW experience, I haven't really raided in any expansion until I started playing on Vanilla private server Kronos 1. It was the time when Nostalrius was about to shut down. Before Vanilla, my WOW experience was just casual. The very first time I actually tried retail was Legion's release and 1-2 months onward and then it turned boring for me. Then I switched to Kronos 2 --> Elysium / Light's Hope and here I am. I have only raided as resto Druid and Warrior tank so far. I do like exploration and levelling experience, all dungeons (except Gnomergan), raiding environment, semi-hardcore min-maxing and to some extent RP. My favourite Classes are Druid, Warrior, Priest. My allegiance is neutral, I love both Alliance and Horde the same, although I feel more nostalgia about the Alliance specifically Night Elfs as they were the very first I tried.

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They claimed I didn't but I did...

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